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8 Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Ideas

Get creative with your napkin folds as you do your table for the Thanksgiving dinner spread. There can be a variety of designs apart from the conventional leaf and Turkey folds. Your guests would be delighted with your efforts. Here are some of the best napkin folds for the occasion.

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Pictures

1. Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Instructions

A fancy leaf shaped napkin fold would take care of your Thanksgiving dinner table setting. A very simple technique is employed in this project.

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding

2. Cool Way to Fold a Napkin for Thanksgiving

A cute maple leaf napkin folding would earn you accolades from your guests on Thanksgiving Day. You can choose stiff fabric like linen for your craft.

How to Fold Napkin for Thanksgiving

3. Creative Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Idea

This Thanksgiving place setting is made out of three linen napkins of different colors. It adds a personal touch to the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Idea

4. Cloth Napkin Folding For Thanksgiving

You would need two cloth napkins to make this Thanksgiving turkey for each place setting. It would come in handy when it’s time to spoon the gravy.

Thanksgiving Cloth Napkin Folding

5. Easy Way to Fold Napkin for Thanksgiving

Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Folds

6. Idea for Folding Thanksgiving Paper Napkin

Thanksgiving Paper Napkin Folding Idea

7. Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Folding Idea

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding Turkey

8. Cute Thanksgiving Napkin Folding With Ring

Thanksgiving Napkin Folding With Ring

Choose any one of the above fun ways and start off with your napkin folding. It offers you a cool way of playing host for the season. We are sure that your craft would be a talking point as your guests sit down for supper.

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