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46+ DIY Ideas to Make Thanksgiving Wreaths

To commemorate the special occasions of Thanksgiving, you may certainly be on the run to decorate your home in the best possible way you can. Besides making a whole lot of crafts with turkey, corn, and pumpkins, one of the finest objects of home décor would be designing an enticing wreath. Check the given tutorials to see the galore of exciting ideas you may implement to make creative Thanksgiving wreaths.

Thanksgiving Wreaths DIY

1. Easy DIY Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

You can add notes to the wreath to whoever you are thankful for and allow the guests to take a look at your thoughtful messages.

Thanksgiving Wreath Image

2. Tutorial to Make a Pom Pom Wreath for Thanksgiving

You can also include a banner at the bottom with the words “Happy Thanksgiving” or I am thankful for what I have”.

Thanksgiving Wreath

3. Fall Hydrangea Wreath Tutorial

The colorful hydrangeas set the perfect mood for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Wreath Idea

4. Grapevine Wreath for Thanksgiving

The fabric flowers on a grapevine background make the wreath look exceedingly rustic.

Thanksgiving Grapevine Wreath Ideas

5. Interesting Way to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath

Alongside the leaves and birds, you can also add faux autumn fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, kiwi, and orange for a magnificent effect.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath

6. DIY Burlap Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath

The colorful display of burlap gives the wreath a beautiful look.

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

7. Thanksgiving Floral Wreath for Front Door

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

8. A Cute Turkey Wreath for Thanksgiving

Your kiddos will have a whale of a time in gluing the flowers and decorating the wreath.

Wreaths for Thanksgiving

9. Fall Paper DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

The intricate design of the paper gives it a classy look.

Thanksgiving Wreath DIY

10. Thanksgiving Mesh Wreath for Your Door

This wreath is made with burgundy mesh, ribbons, floral picks and floral stems. You would have a blast making this to welcome your guests.

Thanksgiving Door Wreaths

11. DIY Burlap Thanksgiving Scrabble Wreath

Write thoughtful messages using the scrabbles. Embellish the flowers by adding beads and glitters on them.

Thanksgiving Wreaths to Make

12. Tutorial to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath for Thanksgiving

For gorgeous decorations load it with other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Thanksgiving Deco Mesh Wreath

Following the same process, you can also make a cool wreath using tulle, making a banner with the words “Harvest” on it.

Thanksgiving Harvest Wreath

13. Delightful Thanksgiving Wreath Craft for Kids with Happy Thanksgiving Message

You can embellish the fingerprints further with beads and sparkles.

Thanksgiving Wreath Craft

14. Easy to Make Thanksgiving Fabric Wreath

You can choose your little munchkins old colorful clothes to give it a bright look.

Easy Thanksgiving Wreath

15. Make an Easy Gilded Mesh Wreath for Fall and Thanksgiving

The gilded pattern gives the wreath a unique look.

Thanksgiving Deco Mesh Wreath

16. How to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath with Frame

You can also paste your family pictures in the frame and write a touching message for a personalized touch.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath

17. DIY Feather Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

You can paint the feathers in yellow and orange for a spectacular feel.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

18. Easy Way to Make a Modern-Styled Thanksgiving Wreath for Your Door

The silver and white touch gives the wreath a modern look.

Thanksgiving Modern Wreath

19. Homemade Evergreen Wreath for Thanksgiving

Instead of snow, you can add corn or pumpkin to bring in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Homemade Thanksgiving Wreath

20. Easy Rustic Autumn Wreath for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Wreath Autumn

21. Birch Bark Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

This wreath would suffice for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving. You can make an orange pumpkin separately and add it instead of a black one during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Halloween Wreath

22. Classy Wreath for Thanksgiving and Christmas

You can change the message to “Merry Christmas” or something confirming to the festival post-Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Christmas Wreath

Another lovely flower wreath option for your front door would be to take a grapevine wreath and decorate it with pretty flowers, real or faux just like the one in the image below.

Thanksgiving Orange Wreath

23. Thanksgiving Hand Wreath Making Instructions

You can take handprints of all your family members. Also, try sticking the picture of each member on their handprint.

Thanksgiving Hand Wreath

24. Happy Thanksgiving Frame Wreath DIY

You can attach tiny pieces of paper with a thoughtful message for each guest.

Thanksgiving Picture Frame Wreath

25. Crocheted Fall Wreath for Thanksgiving

If you are a pro at crocheting making this wreath would be a mere cakewalk for you. You can replace the pumpkins with turkeys to retain the festivity.

Thanksgiving Crochet Wreath

26. Handmade Burlap Wreath for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Burlap Wreath

27. Simple DIY to Make a Thankful Leaf Wreath Using Construction Paper

You can organize a kid’s party on the eve of Thanksgiving and ask your munchkins to write something good about their peers or the reason why they are thankful to them.

Thanksgiving Leaf Wreath

You can also make a classroom activity with kids by making a wreath and then ask the children to write notes on what they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Wreath for Kids

28. Petal Wreath Tutorial for Thanksgiving

Instead of a rose, you may use the real or faux petals of hydrangeas or any other seasonal flowers, while the remaining steps would be the same in the given tutorial.

Thanksgiving Petal Wreath

29. Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

You can also use a combination of white and yellow or yellow and orange ribbons for a uniform look.

Thanksgiving Ribbon Wreath

30. Thanksgiving Flower Wreath for Preschooler

You can decorate the wreath by adding buttons or beads in the center.

Thanksgiving Wreath for Preschooler

31. Decorative Wreath for Thanksgiving with Indian Corn

Your little kiddo would have great fun in making this wreath alongside learning about new crops.

Thanksgiving Indian Corn Wreath

32. DIY Yarn Ball Pumpkin Wreath

This would be perhaps a unique way in which you could design your pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wreath

33. How to Make a Spiral Deco Mesh Wreath for Thanksgiving

Stuff a few pumpkins for a complete look.

Thanksgiving Spiral Wreath

34. Thanksgiving Handprint Wreath DIY

Thanksgiving Handprint Wreath

35. Monogrammed Letter Wreath for Thanksgiving

You can adorn each of your family member’s room with a letter wreath bearing the first initial of their name.

Thanksgiving Letter Wreath

36. Berry Fall Wreath with Initial DIY

Thanksgiving Berry Wreath

37. Holiday Paper Wreath with Cones DIY

You can paint the cones in bright colors for a vibrant look. To complete the Thanksgiving decoration glue a faux turkey to the center.

Thanksgiving Paper Cone Wreath

38. Paper Star Wreath for Thanksgiving

Why just Christmas, you can also make this star wreath for Thanksgiving, with a small pumpkin or even the words “I feel thankful for everything” at the side or middle.

Paper Star Thanksgiving Wreath

39. Lovely Thanksgiving Clothespin Wreath DIY

Thanksgiving Clothespin Wreath

40. Festive Wreath Made with Plastic Spoons

You can also arrange the spoons in a diamond shape and decorate the sides with flowers.

Thanksgiving Spoon Wreath

41. Paper Plate Turkey Wreaths DIY

You can add beads on the feathers for a gorgeous look.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Wreath

42. Lovely Table Candle Wreath for Thanksgiving

These cute wreaths gracing your dining table would make your Thanksgiving dinner even more special. You can glue a message for each of the guests present regarding how thankful you are to them.

Thanksgiving Candle Wreath

43. Wine Cork Holiday Wreath DIY

You can replace the bow with faux pumpkins, berries or other Thanksgiving decorations.

Thanksgiving Cork Wreath

44. Magnolia Wreath DIY

Fresh magnolia leaves designed into cute wreaths would bring in the actual essence of Thanksgiving. You can even glue faux apples and oranges on it for an incredible look.

Thanksgiving Magnolia Wreath

45. Directions to Make an Ornament Wreath for Thanksgiving

If you have a lot of ornaments leftover from Christmas, then make a wreath using them for Thanksgiving following the instructions in the above tutorial.

Thanksgiving Ornament Wreath

46. Easy Pine Cone Wreath DIY

You can also cover the entire wreath with pine cones instead of decorating just a portion of it.

Pine Cone Thanksgiving Wreath

These adorable wreaths would certainly be perfect to enhance your home décor for fall in general and the auspicious occasion of fall in particular.

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