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23 Turkey Handprint Making Ideas

Turkey handprints are a fun way to usher in the festive season of Thanksgiving. You can involve toddlers and preschoolers in the craft. They can be used as table decorations and in the making of invitation cards, placemats, place holders, T-shirt designs, etc.

Handprint Turkey Making Ideas Picture

1. Make Turkey from Handprint

In this tutorial, a thick coat of brown paint is applied to the palm and thumb of one hand while other colors are put on the other fingers. Then the painted hand is placed at the center of a piece of paper and gentle pressure is applied to obtain the handprint.

Turkey Handprint

2. Turkey Handprint Craft

Here, the handprint is cut out of red, blue, orange and green cardstock. The body is cut out of brown cardstock. Different punch sizes are used for the eyes.

Handprint Turkey Craft

3. Craft Project Handprint Turkey Art

This awesome turkey art would light up your fall decorations. Here tole paints are applied on a kid’s hand with a foam brush and the handprint is made on canvas.

Turkey Handprint Art

4. Handprint Turkey Placemat Idea

You can make this turkey placemat as a gift to your friends or family members. You can personalize the placemat with the name of the recipient.

Handprint Turkey Placemat

5. Handprint Turkey T-Shirt

Instead of buying a new shirt for your little one for Thanksgiving, you can design one on your own with a turkey handprint. Allow sufficient drying time before he wears it.

Turkey Handprint T-Shirt

6. Toddlers’ and Kids’ Turkey Craft Handprint

Instead of going with the conventional color scheme, you can ask your child to choose the colors of his handprint turkey. Dip his hand in paint and press it on paper for making the impression.

Handprint Turkey Craft for Toddlers and Kids

7. Handprint Turkey for Preschool

After getting the turkey handprint, you can sketch the feet with a red marker. A googly eye makes it look realistic.

Preschool Turkey Handprint

8. Fun Handprint Turkey Keepsake

A Thanksgiving keepsake would let you cherish the memories of the season-long after it is gone. Here the handprint is obtained on salt dough.

Handprint Turkey Keepsake

9. Glitzy Turkey Made Out Of Handprint

This tutorial comes with a printable template of the Thanksgiving turkey poem. You can embellish the feathers part of the handprint with glitters.

Turkey Made Out Of Handprint

10. Make Art and Craft Turkey with Handprint

Art and Craft Turkey Handprint

11. Easy Craft Turkey from Handprints

Trace out your handprint and footprint on colored construction paper, cut out, and glue them together on blank note cards.

Easy Handprint Turkey Craft

12. Turkey Handprint and Footprint Craft

Handprint and Footprint Turkey

13. Turkey Handprint Footprint Craft

Handprint Footprint Turkey Craft

14. Turkey Made Out Of Handprint

How To Make A Turkey Out Of Handprint

15. Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Handprint

16. Turkey with Handprint Feathers for Toddlers

Turkey with Handprint Feathers

17. Handprint Turkey Card Art Project

Turkey Handprint Card Art Project

18. Baby (Infant) Handprint Turkey

Getting the handprint of an infant can be tricky. Stick to non-toxic paints and clean their hands thoroughly after getting his handprint.

Baby/Infant Handprint Turkey

19. Construction Paper Turkey Made With Handprints

Construction Paper Handprint Turkey

20. Turkey Made From Family Handprints

Family Turkey Handprint

21. Paper Plate Handprint Turkey Craft

Handprint Turkey Paper Plate

22. Thankful Handprint Turkeys with Paint on Canvas

Painted Thankful Turkey Handprints on Canvas

23. Turkey Handprint Cut Out DIY Activity

This cute turkey handprint is a perfect decoration idea for a fall-themed dinner party. Kids can make it easily and would love to brag about their creation at the dinner table.

Turkey Handprint Cut Out Activity

The plethora of ideas would surely blow off your mind. There are so many things that can be made with humble handprint! All the projects are pocket-friendly but score high on the cuteness factor. Another plus point is that they can be done pretty fast allowing you to make plentiful of them in little time.

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