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68+ Creative Patterns of Crochet Baby Hats

Crocheting yarns for transforming them into thick and cozy fabrics entails countless patterns for baby hats. Be it a simple beanie or the one with earflaps, crochet hats for babies ensure comfort for those little bundles of joy. Here are given some popular crocheting patterns for beginners, intermediates and advance crochet enthusiasts. You are less likely to run out of ideas as the following list presents myriads of designs to try your hands in.

1. Simple Crochet Hat Design

A sky blue hat is a comfortable solution for babies. Ideal for wearing during winter, you will definitely find it easier to make.

Crochet Baby Hat

2. Monster Inc. Crochet Hat

For an ideal James P. Sullivan hat, follow the crocheting tutorial. Those two little horns and teeth will never disappoint you.

Monster Crochet Baby Hat

3. Crochet Hat with Braided Tassels

Red and yellow, green and white, red and black are other combinations that you may use for making such a cute hat with two long braided tassels.

How to Crochet a Baby Hat

4. Cute Bear Hat for Newborns

A bear hat like the following one is snuggly and ideal for your baby’s evening stroll. Team this up with a brown sweater and make your munchkin look like an adorable teddy bear.

Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Gently tie a satin ribbon on one ear for extra sweetness.

Baby Bear Crochet Hat Pattern

Simple Crochet Baby Hat with Ears

5. Red Pixie Hat: Instruction

For a red riding hood look of your daughter, crochet a pixie hat with two long pompoms. This pattern includes single, double, and half double crocheting.

Crochet Baby Pixie Hat

6. How to Crochet a Baby Hat

Probably the easiest instruction of all, this one is for mostly for novices who are in search for simple yet interesting patterns.

Crochet a Baby Hat

Crochet Baby Beanie Hat

7. Easy Crochet Baby Hat with Pompoms

It is important to measure the circumference of your baby’s head for making well-fitted hats. Do that well beforehand and make a hat using both single and double crocheting techniques.

Easy Crochet Baby Hat

8. Crochet Baby Hat without Seam

This method doesn’t have seams, making it even simpler than it appears to be. Choose your favorite shade of yarn for this hat.

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

9. Tutorial for a Blue Crochet Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

10. Ribbed Crochet Hat Instruction

The ribbed pattern lends a voluminous look to this hat without a doubt. You may make this pattern all over the hat or opt for the half-ribbed design shown in the picture.

How to Crochet a Ribbed Baby Hat

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hat for Baby Boys

Baby Boy Crochet Hat

12. Minnie Mouse Crochet Hat for Baby Girls

Minnie Mouse has always been a favorite character. How about imbibing her sweetness and endearing appearance through a crochet hat?

Free Crochet Patterns for a Baby Hat

Minnie Mouse Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

If the combination of pink and red bores you, go with a classic mishmash of red and black.

Crochet Baby Mickey Hat

13. How to Make a Santa Clause Crochet Hat

Crochet Baby Boy Hat

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Santa Hat

The first Christmas for your newborn has to be special. Make him a Santa hat with your crocheting skill. The tutorial will guide you thoroughly.

Christmas Crochet Hat for Babies

14. Crochet Hat for One-Year Old Baby Girls

Baby Girl Crochet Hat

15. Pink Crocheted Baby Hats: DIY

Crocheted Baby Hat

16. Cowboy Hat and Boot Set Instruction

How wonderful can a kid look with a crocheted cowboy hat and a pair of boots? Check yourself!

Crochet Baby Cowboy Hat and Boots Pattern Free

Crochet Baby Cowboy Hat

17. Crochet Patterns for Baby Hats

Crochet Patterns for Baby Hat

18. Pink Cluster Hats for Babies

The otherwise simple hat gets an amazing look with a floral embellishment. To make that perfect flower, follow the instruction.

Free Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

Crochet Baby Hats with Flowers

Instead of flowers, you may opt for a bow on the hat.

Pink Crochet Baby Hat

19. How to Crochet a Baby Hat for Beginners

How to Crochet a Baby Hat for Beginners

20. Crochet Baby Hat with a Topknot

A cute topknot adds charm to a crochet hat without making it chunky.

Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat

21. Turban Hat Crocheting Tutorial

The uncomplicated pattern is nicely enhanced with a weaving in the end for a perfect turban like look.

Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

22. White Beanie Hat for Newborns 

A simple hat with a cute floral motif accentuates your baby’s cuteness. Double crochet and cluster stitch are two important things that make the hat so special.

White Easy Crochet Baby Hat

23. Crochet Hat with a Floral Motif

How to Crochet a White Baby Hat

For a more textured appearance, use soft and bulky yarns for your crocheting.

Crochet Baby Hat with Bulky Yarns

24. Cute Crochet Pattern for Toddlers

Free Crochet Pattern for a Baby Boy Hat

25. Pink Crochet Hat with a Black Ribbon

Free Baby Girl Crochet Hat Pattern

26. White and Green Crochet Helmet Hat

A hat with a helmet pattern covers both ears along with the small head, keeping the baby warm in winter.

Free Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern for 3-6 Months

27. Crochet Elf Hat

A stripy hat with a pointy tail can’t be any cuter when there is a pompom in the end.

Crochet Hat for Babies

The pink and white combination is sweet enough for your bundle of joy.

Free Crochet Baby Stocking Hat Pattern

28. Elephant Crochet Hat

Remember the oh-so-cute “Dumbo” from the famous movie of the same name or “Manny” from the “Ice Age”? Well, if you love them, making an elephant crochet hat is fun for you.

Newborn Crochet Baby Hat Patterns with Earflaps

29. Free Crochet Baby Owl Hat Pattern

An attractive fusion of pink, cyan, orange, white and green yarns is what the following image is all about. Just be crafty and use your skill without a doubt.

Free Crochet Baby Owl Hat Pattern

30. Funny Fox Crochet Hat and Diaper Cover

Crochet Baby Hat and Diaper Cover Pattern

31. Crochet Baby Viking Hat

For covering those tiny heads of your twin toddlers, Viking hats are even better than boring and monotonous hats.

Crochet Baby Viking Hat Pattern

32. Crochet Baby Baseball Hat

Crochet Baby Baseball Hat

33. Crochet Hat for Summer

Your darling daughter will enjoy running in the sun with much ease and comfort, if she has a sunny hat with a bright crocheted sunflower adorning it.

Crochet Summer Baby Hat

34. Crochet Sun Hat Pattern for Baby

Crochet Sun Hat Pattern for Baby

35. Crocheted Hat and Cocoon

To keep your child warm and snug during chilly nights, crochet a hat and a cocoon using the tutorial given above.

Free Simple Crochet Pattern for Baby Cocoon and Hat

36. Double Crochet Hat

Double Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

37. Step-by-Step Instructions for Crocheting Baby Hats

Crocheting Baby Hat

Handmade Single Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

38. Crochet Slouchy Baby Hat

A crochet hat with a fringed pompom on top makes a wonderful headgear for your princess. Be it a picnic or a day out, she can easily wear it stylishly.

Cute Crochet Baby Slouch Hat Pattern

39. Shell Stitch Crochet Baby Hat

Shell Stitch Crochet Baby Hat

40. Royal Blue Crochet Hat

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern for 0-3 Months

Crochet Granny Baby Hat

41. Crochet Hat with Beard

If your boy doesn’t want to wear a hat give him one attached with a beard. He will gladly wear it again and again.

Crochet Baby Hat with Beard

42. Princess Leia Crochet Hat

Princess Leia Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

43. Snowman Crochet Hat

Winter is a fun time for style and fashion, even for those little family members. The frosty snowman adorns your baby nicely.

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern for 6-12 Months

44. Star Wars Yoda Crochet Hat

Give your baby a nice Yoda look by crocheting a green hat along with two big ears just like Yoda from the famous film series “Star Wars”.

Star Wars Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Yoda Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

45. Lion Crochet Hat for Baby

Tutorial for Baby Lion Hat Crochet Pattern

46. Crochet Baby Hat for 6-9 Months

Crochet Baby Hat 6-9 Months

47. Crochet Baby Elf Hat with Ears

Crochet Baby Elf Hat

48. Crochet Baby Turkey Hat Pattern

This Thanksgiving give your little man a turkey hat that looks so delicious! Don’t blame yourself if you get some hunger pangs.

Crochet Baby Turkey Hat Pattern

49. Crochet Baby Newsboy Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Newsboy Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Hat with Brim

50. Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

You have to make a crochet hat and a pair of goggles separately and then stitch them together for a smart aviator hat.

Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

51. Crocheted Hippo Hat

Crochet Animal Hat for Babies

52. Crochet Baby Bunny Hat

Cuteness overload! Yes, that’s what the hat is all about. Use a combination of white and pink as this is the most common one.

Crochet Baby Bunny Hat

53. Crochet Baby Fishing Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Fishing Hat Pattern

54. Crochet Baby Pumpkin Hat

Let this Halloween be extra special for your little kid as you dress him up with a pumpkin hat.

Crochet Baby Pumpkin Hat

55. Cupcake Crochet Hat

Crochet Cupcake Hat Pattern for Baby

56. Crochet Baby Sock Monkey Hat

Crochet Baby Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

57. Cabbage Patch Crochet Hat for Babies

Cabbage Patch Crochet Hat for Baby

58. Crochet Cow Hat for Babies

A friendly cow hat beautifying your baby’s head is a delight to watch. Those who are an expert in crocheting can easily make such hats.

Crochet Cow Baby Hat

59. Crochet Hat with Cable Motifs

Crochet Baby Hat with Cables

60. Crochet Puppy Dog

Crochet Baby Hat Dog

61. Crochet Baby Giraffe Hats

Animal patterns are popular beyond imagination. Just make a giraffe hat and see how your children love it.

Crochet Baby Hats Giraffe

62. Hello Kitty Crochet Hat for Babies

Crochet Baby Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

63. Crochet Leprechaun Hat Tutorial

Dress up your naughty infant as a leprechaun with the iconic green hat. The tutorial is to help you out.

Crochet Leprechaun Hat Pattern

64. Crochet Koala Hat Pattern

Crochet Baby Koala Hat

65. Crochet Ladybug Hat for Babies

Crochet Baby Ladybug Hat

66. Baby Crochet Hat with a Mohawk Style

Follow the detailed instruction for such a smart mohawk styled hat that looks good on children.

Crochet Mohawk Baby Hat

67. Crocheted Hat with Ripples

Crochet Baby Ripple Hat

68. Crochet Baby Reindeer Hat

When the season of festivity is on the cards, gearing up for preparation becomes hectic yet fun. So, this year, why don’t you crochet a reindeer hat like this one and make your kid happy.

Crochet Baby Reindeer Hat

As crocheting is itself an intricate craft that needs diligence and concentration, you have to be passionate about this before you take up a design to make. Apart from these designs, you may always try new patterns like zester style hats, panda style hats and many more eye-catching patterns.

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