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31+ Ideas on How to Make a Stress Ball

Long gone are the days when stress balls or stress relief balls were only available at stores. The soft and squishy balls can easily be made at home with some ingredients like balloons, orbeez balls, flours, rice. The good things are that not all these ingredients are required at the same time, rather they can be used alternatively. Also, you can utilize gloves or plastic bags instead of balloons.

Stress Ball Ideas Picture

1. How to Make a Stress Ball

The easiest way is to choose some colorful balloons and paint them in funny ways so that your stress balls become more appealing. The soft texture of the cornstarch that is inside the balloon will relieve your stress rapidly.

How to Make a Stress Ball

2. Stress Ball Made of Balloons: Tutorial

Choose colorful balloons and make multiple stress balls at a time so that you have variations when you need one. The size of the balloon will depend on the quantity of the stuffing you have put.

Balloon Stress Balls Tutorial

3. Make Stress Balls with Flour

The cute faces on the balloon certainly make the balls expressive and fun to play with. You may place them as a part of your drawing room decoration.

Small Stress Balls

4. Aromatherapy Stress Ball: Step-by-step Instruction

These balls do not only relive your muscles, rather they sooth your mind with the aroma of essential oils. If you have anxiety or headache, then try squeezing such balls.

Homemade Aromatherapy Stress Balls

5. Make Your Stress Ball with Slime

Instead of using cornstarch, you can make slime at home and then fill the balloons with it. It will be softer than cornstarch filling. Make some cute faces using cellophane papers, sharpies, and glitters.

Funny Emoji Stress Balls with Slime
How to Make a Stress Ball out of Slime (Create Your Stress Balls out of Slime)

6. Stress Ball with Cornstarch: Do it Yourself

The happy and content face is mirroring the mood of the de-stressed user. You can paint balloon the way you want.

Happy Stress Ball Made of Cornstarch

The simple blue ball doesn’t have any design on it, but that does not lessen its utility.

DIY Stress Relief Ball

7. Tutorial for Making a Stress Ball with Rice

Who knew that rice could be so useful in making stress balls. Fill balloons with them, and you have your own stress-relieving tool ready.

Make Stress Balls with Rice
DIY Stress Ball Without Flour

8. Detail Instruction on How to Make a Clear Stress Ball

Orbeez balls or water beads in rainbow colors look awesome, especially inside a clear balloon. Satisfyingly yours!

Clear Stress Ball without Slime
DIY Water Bead Stress Ball

9. Stress Ball Stretchable Squishy: DIY

Stretchable balls in various colors are enjoyable things to have a good time with. Whether you are stressed or not, playing with them is great.

Homemade Stress Ball Squishies

10. Stress Ball Made of Play Dough: Instruction and Tutorial

The playdough is a nice alternative to cornstarch, flour, or rice. Kids will love to have fun making them.

Stress Balls with Play Dough

Engage and inspire your kids to spend their leisure time by making such stress balls.

DIY Stress Ball without Balloon

11. DIY Water Balloon Stress Ball

The water balloon is colorful because of all the water beads it contains. Keep one at the drawer of your office desk and squeeze it whenever you feel you are getting stressed.

Water Balloon Stress Ball Tutorial

12. Ste-by-step Instruction for Making a Stress Ball

Green stress balls are generally sweet, but sweeter when they exhibit expressions!

Green Stress Balls

13. Stress Ball with Blue and Green Orbeez: Do It Yourself

The following ball only has two shades, in a coordinated way, presenting a soothing look altogether. You can choose any other combination like red and yellow, orange and pink.

Stress Ball with Orbeez

14. Stress Ball Made of Kinetic Sand

Using kinetic sand could be your little scientific project with your kids. Use as much as you want, but make sure, you use a funnel to pour that sand into the balloon.

Stress Ball with Kinetic Sand

15. How to Make a Stress Ball without Balloon

Follow the tutorial and let the inner child in you have all the fun, regardless of whether you are stressed or not stressed.

Make a Stress Ball without a Balloon in an Easy Way

16. DIY Stress Ball with Yarns

 The colorful yarns on top of a balloon make the stress ball quirky without any doubt. Decorate your corner rack with such stress balls when you are not using them.

Stress Balls with Cute Faces and Hair

17. Tutorial for Making Pokemon Stress Balls with Balloon

Creating faces of your favorite animated character on the balloon would bring out creative spark from you. Here, some of the famous Pokemon characters, painted on stress balls.

Pokemon Stress Ball at Home

18. Do it Yourself: Stress Ball with Toothpaste

Even toothpaste could be the sufficient filling that a stress ball needs. Compressing the ball will alleviate your stress.

Stress Ball Made of Toothpaste

19. Glitter Stress Ball: Instructions and DIY

Using glitter is a wise way to have shiny stress balls like the following one. Such stress balls could be called galaxy stress ball because of the similarity they have with the mysterious space.

Glitter Stress Ball
Galaxy Stress Ball

20. Emoji Stress Ball with Play Clay

Not all stress balls are made of flour or rice, some might contain play dough. You can give any shape as your desire to the balloon.

Stress Ball for Kids

21. Stress Ball with Baking Soda

Making multiple stress squishy balls with baking soda will hardly take 2 hours. So, as a lazy afternoon activity, you can undertake the project of making such stress-relieving toys.

Stress Balls Made of Baking Soda

22. Tutorial for Making Stress Balls Made of Diaper

Do you kids at home? Then using their diapers for making such balls is not a problem. Sounds unbelievable? Check out the instruction.

Diaper Stress Ball

23. Stress Ball with Net: Easy-to-follow Tutorial

Putting the stress ball in the net is fun because squeezing becomes so much stimulating that you won’t be able to stop once you start.

Stress Ball with Net Instruction
DIY Mesh Stress Ball

24. Flour Stress Balls with Plastic Sandwich Bag

The plastic bag could be an important ingredient and to know how just go through the instruction given above.

Colorful Stress Balls
DIY Cool Emoji Stress Ball

 25. Sock Stress Ball: DIY

Fill in your socks and create cozy stress balls. For the stuffing, you can use anything, even expired foods, so that you don’t have the guilt of wasting food, instead, you are reusing them in the most creative way possible.

Stress Ball with Socks

26. Unicorn Stress Ball for Kids

For little girls and boys, who dream of unicorns, can make one stress ball by themselves, of course with some help from their parents.

Unicorn Stress Ball with Water Balloon

27. Egg Stress Balls for Fun

A clear balloon and yellow stuffing inside it, reminds of egg yolk in a funny method.

Clear Egg Stress Ball
DIY Egg Stress Ball

28. Instruction for Oobleck Stress Ball

Oobleck is fun to play with, and the fun is doubled when you incorporate that into your stress ball.

Stress Ball with Oobleck
DIY Oobleck Stress Ball

29. How to Make a Giant Stress Ball

The size of the stress ball can be large, but in that case, you have to hold that with two hands. Get your kids to make such amazing things for them and you.

Blue Giant Stress Ball

30. Snowman Stress Balls without Using Glue

The snowman stress ball can be your winter friend at office. You will still be feeling the cozy weather without getting blue (out of office pressure of course)!

Snowman Stress Balls

31. Halloween Stress Ball Instruction

For Halloween, if you have any party at home, then draw some spooky images on the stress balls and give them to your guests.

DIY Halloween Stress Balls

When it comes to crafts, there is no limitation, such is the case with these stress balls. You can make them just the way you want as long you have something squeezy as your base material. These varied instructions are to give you a coherent idea about the multiple ways individuals can make stress balls.

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