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19+ DIY Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces look cheery and add a fun element to your celebrations. You can choose air or helium balloons made of latex or foil for your craft. The other supplies are pretty simple as evident in the below tutorials. Pictures of Disney princesses, Elmo, Pokemon, Spongebob, Avengers, Bubble Guppies, Cookie Monster, Doc McStuffins, Dr. Seuss, Little Mermaid, and other fictional characters on the centerpieces make them attractive to the little munchkins. Teens would love Hollywood themed ones. You can create them for festive occasions such as X-mas, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, Halloween, Luau, Mardi Gras, Quinceanera, masquerade ball, prom, and so on.

Pictures of DIY Balloon Centerpieces

1. Instructions for Balloon Centerpieces

The white balloon centerpieces deck up your wedding hall like a dream. If it’s a party and you love bling, go for gold balloons. Green balloons can be used to reinforce a safari or jungle theme. For Valentine’s Day, you can have heart-shaped red or rose gold balloons as centerpieces.

Balloon Centerpieces

2. Big DIY Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

The weights to hold down your hot air balloons can be small baskets filled with flowers as pointed out in the above-linked tutorial or mason jars topped with candles, as shown in the below picture. Other weight ideas are a baby bottle, basket with a teddy bear or elephant soft toy, etc. You can decorate the large, paper lantern style balloon with pennants.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

3. Balloon Table Centerpiece

Balloon Centerpiece for Tables

4. Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces for Baby Shower

You need to scroll down the above-linked article to reach point number seven that speaks about making the confetti balloon centerpieces.

Baby Shower Balloon Centerpieces

5. Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece Idea

This exquisite purple, green and yellowballoon bouquet does justice to a carnival, casino or circus theme. You can also have clown balloons if you are hosting a party in the latter theme. Note the technique for holding down the balloons. For fall, you can design the DIY with jumbo orange, yellow and brown balloons.

Balloon Centerpiece Idea

6. Rustic Balloon Centerpiece DIY

This fun hot air balloon flower centerpiece is pretty easy to make. The table number is written on it, making it quite useful.

DIY Balloon Centerpiece

You can choose a lovely pink balloon for the baby shower of a little girl. The method is the same as the above. Options to fill the tiny basket acting as the base are confetti, straw or even fresh berries. Nets attach the balloon securely to the base.

Simple Balloon Centerpiece

7. How to Make Balloon Centerpiece Step By Step

Doesn’t the glitter wine bottle below the balloon look lovely, giving it an overdose of glitz? The sheer black bow adds to the glam looks.

How to Make Balloon Centerpiece

Hosting a unicorn party? Deck up the party in style with these gorgeous unicorn balloons. Design it using the same principle as the above tutorial. Just add the paper horns, ears and draw the adorable eyes.

Unicorn Balloon Centerpieces

8. Elegant Balloon Wedding Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces can be cheery wedding table decorations. If you don’t want to go with the traditional white look, choose red that never goes out of style. The golden letters add the right amount of glitz.

Balloon Centerpieces for Wedding

Instead of opaque ribbons to attach the balloons to the table, as shown in the above tutorial, you can use sheer ribbons. You can also replace the regular helium-filled balloons with double ones. A pink balloon inside a clear one would leave you enchanted.

Balloons inside Balloon Centerpiece

9. Classy Balloons on Sticks Centerpiece

This fun centerpiece resembles a bunch of ice-cream cones. For birthdays, you can have balloons in the shape of candies, gumball (where you use mini balloons), popcorn, strawberry shortcakes, cupcake, too. They would leave the little ones swooning. Other shapes can be palm trees, pineapples, hula hoops (for a tropical/Hawaiian themed party), stars, cars, fish (for an under the sea theme), rubber duck, butterfly, zebra, monkey and other animals, pirates, etc.

Balloons on Sticks Centerpiece

10. Balloon Centerpiece for Graduation Party

For graduation, decorate with yellow and black balloons on sticks or clusters of smaller balloons. A smiling emoji face, lifts the spirit of the party. You can accessorize it with LED lights if you so wish.

Graduation Balloon Centerpiece

11. Homemade Elegant Balloon Centerpiece

Elegant Balloon Centerpiece

12. Balloon Tulle Centerpieces DIY

Tulle wrapped centerpieces have an elegant edge. They are apt for wedding receptions. For the baptism celebration of a boy, you can have blue balloons in the shape of crosses. The cross design with flying doves can be used for first Communion.

Tulle Balloon Centerpieces

13. Balloon Cluster Centerpiece without Helium

This brilliant balloon centerpiece does not use helium for inflation. You can play around with a variety of color combinations like pink, black and white; pink and black; black, white and silver; blue and silver; black and gold; blue, white and red (for 4th of July), etc. for an attractive look. For a Frozen or winter wonderland theme, having them in blue and white can be a brilliant idea. You can look for snowflake designs on your balloons too.

Balloon Centerpiece without Helium

14. Small Balloon Centerpiece on a Flower Pot

This cute confetti filled balloon centerpiece on a vase looks rocking, doesn’t it? For a wedding, you can choose a white color for the balloons. If you are decorating for a birthday party, then you can glue gold numbers denoting the age on the balloons.

Small Balloon Centerpiece

15. Minnie Mouse Balloon Column Centerpiece

Disney fans would be enthralled with this Minnie Mouse centerpiece. The polka-dotted pink and white balloons are a show-stealer. You can have the color combination as red and black for Mickey Mouse or a ladybug theme. You can also have the pictures of Tinker Bell, Minions, Trolls, Moana, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, superheroes like Batman, and other cartoon characters on the balloons to make them kid-friendly.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Centerpiece

16. Fun Balloon Topiary Centerpiece for Men

Choose manly colors like browns, blacks, yellows and blues to design a balloon topiary for the men. You can also have sport themed balloons in basketball, baseball or football designs for them. A paper mustache on the top balloon would look cool.

Balloon Topiary Centerpiece for Men

17. Vivid Balloon Centerpiece for Christmas

Balloon Centerpiece for Christmas

18. Fancy Balloon Cloud Centerpiece

You can make this cloud glow in the dark by using suitable neon balloons. It would look stunning on New Year’s Eve. Pictures of Ninja Turtle, Paw Patrol, Dora, Sofia the First, Baby Shark, My Little Pony, Minecraft on the balloons make for a lovely sight.

Balloon Cloud Centerpiece

19. Pacifier Balloon Centerpiece Video

This lovely balloon pacifier centerpiece has been decorated with feathers to add pizzazz to its looks. No prizes for guessing the aptness of the idea for a baby shower party.

Balloon Pacifier Centerpiece

Take the glam quotient of your indoor or outdoor decoration up by notches with the above DIY ideas. Tall, giant hot air balloon centerpieces look spectacular floating in the air. Nautical ones look suave in blue. Table tops look pretty with floral bases and balloons in rainbow colors. The buffet table of a bridal shower is going to look ravishing with these décor items. And what’s more? You are going to win the hearts of your guests with aplomb.

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