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17+ DIYs to Make a Balloon Column

A balloon tower or column serves as a unique décor for parties or any special occasions. You could arrange it as a tall tower or even design it in the form of an arch. One could go for iron, wooden, or plastic columns. However, for a simpler arrangement, one can omit this too and tie the balloons, one along with the other, to give a column-like appearance. The basic requirements include latex balloons, inflators, and balloon sizer. The tutorials below would guide you to make a balloon column with ease.

DIY Balloon Column Pictures

1. DIY Balloon Column

Making a floral design and adding it to the center would further enhance its beauty.

Balloon Columns

2. Easy Instructions to Make a Colorful Balloon Tower

The star decorations on top of a balloon tower make it look even more marvelous.

Balloon Tower

3. How to Make a Zig Zag Balloon Tower

The zig-zag pattern using two-colored balloons gives the tower an elegant appeal. This video has a lamp- based pole as the balloon stand, though owing to its light-weight, it would not be suitable outdoors.

How to Make a Balloon Tower

4. Easy Way To Make Mini Balloon Column

If arranging a balloon column for a baby shower celebration, then a combination of pink and white or blue and white would be perfect.

How to Make a Balloon Column

5. DIY Minnie Mouse Balloon Column

This black and orange balloon tower in a Minnie Mouse style would be a perfect pick for Halloween.

DIY Minnie Mouse Balloon Column

Similarly, you could make a Mickey Mouse balloon tower by following the instructions in the above tutorial. The only difference would be the face, and you could even arrange the balloons in a zig-zag or spiral pattern, as shown in the given picture.

Mickey Mouse Balloon Column

6. Easy DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand

Unicorn Balloon Column

7. How to Make Mini Balloon Columns for Baby Shower

Following the video tutorial would help to make these pretty balloon columns for a baby shower. In place of the golden balloons above, you could even include a small inflatable toy above. Keep a big balloon at the center of the question mark tower, having the baby’s gender. 

Baby Shower Balloon Columns

8. How to Make a Baby Bottle Balloon Column

Baby Bottle Balloon Column

The sequential arrangement of pink and black balloons makes this a perfect graduation day decoration. You may make a wooden balloon stand, as shown here.

Graduation Balloon Columns

9. How To Do a PAW Patrol Balloon Column

The PAW patrol inflatable toy gives this column an authentic appeal.

Paw Patrol Balloon Columns

For a circus theme, red, blue, and green balloons could be placed one after the other on a stand, just as shown in this image. The hands may be made similarly with some balloons placed right up, giving the impression that the joker is holding the balloon. The inflatable joker’s face, fixed on the tower, makes the entire presentation look even more appealing.

Circus Balloon Column

Your little ones would be happy to see have this Peppa peg balloon column as a part of his or her birthday theme. The picture is self-explanatory, with the deep pink balloons tied to one another, followed by a big one for the head.

Peppa Peg Balloon Column

10. Balloon Column Centerpieces DIY

These short balloon columns would make for perfect centerpieces. If planning for a Christmas décor, a combination of red and green balloons along with a white star on top would be perfect.

Balloon Column Centerpieces

Another interesting Christmas décor idea would be the snowman balloon column, as shown in the given image. The arrangement of white balloons in a column, with a few black ones too, alongside a cute face to replicate Olaf’s appearance is all that one needs.

Snowman Balloon Column

11. DIY Spiral Balloon Column

If planning for an outdoor party, then fixing lights on the balloons would be a great idea.

Spiral Balloon Column

While planning for your kiddos birthday party, you could make an elephant-themed balloon column just like the one shown in the picture. Another option would be a number balloon column, apt for birthday parties.

Elephant Balloon Columns

12. DIY Balloon Palm Tree Column

Palm Tree Balloon Column

The balloon columns are arranged in the form of a tail, with the inflatable toy added to the top.

Mermaid Balloon Column

13. How to Make a Cactus Balloon Column

Cactus Balloon Column

14. DIY Pineapple Balloon Column

This short pineapple balloon column would be great for summer décor.  

Pineapple Balloon Column

15. Easy Hello Kitty Balloon Column Decoration Idea

If making it for Easter, then the bunnies will replace the Kitty, though the rest of the tutorial would be the same.

Hello Kitty Balloon Column

16. How to Make an Eiffel Tower Balloon Column

For a Paris-themed birthday party, an Eiffel tower balloon column like this one would be well-suited.

Eiffel Tower Balloon Column

17. How Do You Make a Disney Frozen Balloon Tower

For a Frozen-themed birthday party, the white and blue balloon tower

Balloon Princess Tower

The list of themes for a balloon tower seems to be endless, starting from Finding Nemo to a cute emoji, or even a sweet red heart for Valentine’s Day. You could experiment with other balloon crafts too like a centerpiecearchgarlandchandelierwreath or tree.

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