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12+ Adorable Mickey Mouse Easter Basket DIYs with Instructions

Let this Easter be a fun-filled affair with homemade Mickey Mouse baskets. Easter egg hunt would look gorgeous with these Disney themed baskets. Needing simple supplies, this project can be completed pretty fast. After creating the basic structure you can deck it up as much as you wish.

DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

1. Stunning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Easter Basket

You can paint a plastic bucket red, wrap the handle with black ribbon and stick foam ears for this project. Filled with Disney egg characters it would make it interesting for toddlers and 2-year old boys. However, filling it with edible eggs and candies would gain favor with the foodies.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Easter Basket

2. Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Tutorial

Paint a cheap wicker basket in such a way so as to resemble the Disney character. Add some lovely round mouse ears. It would be a good idea for the men to carry Easter eggs in it.

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

3. Cool Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

If you don’t want to glue a bucket with red and black felt as indicated in the above-linked tutorial, you can paint it with acrylic paint. Writing the name of the recipient of the Easter basket gift lends it a personal touch.

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Instructions

If you are good at drawing, you may want to paint the face of Mickey Mouse on the basket. Blue dots add to the fun. Personalize with the name of the recipient.

Personalized Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

4. Handmade Mickey Easter Basket

Mickey Easter Basket

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Directions

Fill these colorful baskets with plush toys for making them an instant hit with the children. Covering the Mickey basket with red glitter ribbon puts up a glitzy show.

Disney Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

6. Ruffle Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

7. Steps for Making a Large Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

Skip the red and white polka-dotted ribbon if you are creating a Mickey Mouse theme. The DIY utilizes spray painting technique for a neat finish. Gluing round black craft foam ears at the sides of the handle lends the jumbo basket a classic Disney touch.

Large Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

You can line the rim of the basket with a Mickey Mouse-themed narrow strip of sticker for added effect.

Mickey Mouse Head Easter Basket

8. Crocheted Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

Mickey Mouse Crochet Easter Basket

9. Unique Crochet Pattern for Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

This dainty basket is different from the others due to the crochet pattern of Mickey’s gloved hands at the sides.

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

10. DIY Mickey Mouse Easter Basket for Children

Mini plastic storage bins can play the role of baskets with elan. It is especially suited for babies, infants and toddler boys due to their size.

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket DIY

For a Disney-themed Easter party, the males can carry baskets like the one below. The black Mickey symbol can be painted over a red background with the name of the person written in yellow. The personalized basket can be decorated with yellow and white ribbons.

Homemade Mickey Mouse Easter Basket

11. Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Gift Idea

Mickey Mouse Easter Gift Basket

12. Easter Basket in Mickey Mouse Theme

Mickey Mouse Themed Easter Basket

People with an artistic incline can design Mickey’s face or the trademark logo of his head on the body of a basket painted red. Plastic or metallic buckets are suitable to serve the purpose of the Easter baskets apart from the traditional wicker ones.

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