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9+ Cool DIYs to Make a Minion Pinata

Minions, the tiny creatures, popularly appearing in the Despicable Me franchise is a hot favorite among many particularly the little ones. Why not surprise your kiddos by making piñatas out of minions for their birthdays or any special occasion. You can either follow the paper mache technique or even make creative piñatas using tin cans or cardboard. Take aid of the given tutorials to make your effort a mere cakewalk.

Despicable Me Minion Pinata

1. DIY Minion Pinata

This paper mache piñata sitting on the table would be a perfect party decoration for your little toddler. You can even make a paper cutout of the year of your kiddos birthday.

Minion Pinata

If your little princess is a minion fan, then you would certainly want to choose a girlie color for her, with pink fitting the bill perfectly. Follow the instructions in the above tutorial and make a pretty pink piñata as shown in the picture below. The bow on top and the pink blush on its cheeks give it an utterly feminine look.

Pink Minion Pinata for Girl

2. Tutorial to Make a Minion Pinata

This huge minion pinata gracing your garden would be a fabulous outdoor party idea.

How to Make a Minion Pinata

3. How to Make Cute Mini Minion Pinatas

Filled with lip-smacking candies, these mini piñatas would serve as fantastic return gifts for kids who have come in full attendance to your munchkin’s birthday party. You can give it a personalized touch by adding a paper at the bottom bearing the names of the recipients.

Minions Pinata

4. Easy Mini Minion Pinata Tutorial

This mini piñata having the minion’s eyes and face would serve as an excellent party popper. Though you may not be able to understand the language of the video, the step by step methods would help you.

Mini Minion Pinata

5. How to Make Your Own Minion Pinata

You can even line up other Disney or cartoon characters for a unique presentation.

Minion Pinata Image

6. How to Make a Pull String Paper Mache Minion Pinata

You can embellish the cap or even the entire piñata for an attractive look.

How to Make Minion Pinata

For a baby shower theme, you can hang a blue and pink minion piñata as a part of the décor. You can go a step ahead and add fillers like cookies and candies in the piñata that would depict the actual gender of the baby. Ask the guests to guess and break that piñata with a stick.

DIY Minion Pinata

7. Handmade Minion Pinata in a Box

If you want something quick and easy, the minion goggles and face would be just fine.

Minion Pinata DIY

8. Homemade Despicable Me 2 Purple Evil Minion Pinata

You can recreate the purple-haired monster of Despicable Me 2  on the occasion of Halloween.

Purple Minion Pinata

An innovative idea would be to combine both the good and the evil as shown in the picture below.

Despicable Me Pinata

9. Instructions to Make Paper Mache One-Eyed Minion Pinata

One-Eyed Minion Pinata

These innovative minions would, therefore, make any celebration a memorable and fulfilling one. You can even combine them with other cool-looking Disney-themed pinatas or anything else following your kid’s taste.

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