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16+ DIYs to Make a Lego Pinata

Forget battery-operated cars, ping pong balls, and doll houses as Legos are now ruling the toy market for its innovative building challenges. Taking some inspiration from the nifty building bricks, you can throw the best birthday bash for your kiddo, making a fancy piñata filled with mouth-watering candies, stationery items, crackers, and toys. Here are some creative ways to try out the paper craft for a special occasion.

How to Make a Lego Pinata

1. Lego Box Pinata

The idea of turning a diaper box into a bulky lego is worth applauding. Don’t forget to get hordes of crepe paper streamers from the nearby thrift store.


Lego Pinata

2. How to Make a Lego Head Pinata

Whether you use the pinata on a special day or for dressing up your little one’s room, it always adds a festive element.

How to Make a Lego Pinata

3. Lego Joker Pinata

If your boy has enjoyed the dreadful Joker being defeated by his favorite superhero, then recreate a Batman theme for his birthday party.

Lego Pinata

You can follow the same steps to make Emmet (the kiddos just love this guy) piñata, keeping the image in mind.

Lego Man Pinata

4. How to Build a Pinata

The adorable Ninjago is so cute you will be heart-broken when it’s smashed open for grabbing the chocolates and mini gifts.

How to Make a Lego Ninjago Pinata

5. Lego Head Pinata Tutorial

Lego Head Pinata

6. Giant Lego Brick

The large brick lego is a great alternative to the original tiny building block. Bet you will find it hard to whack the piñata.

How to Make a Lego Brick Pinata

The trick is to cover the box with purple paper and attach the Lego Friends stickers at one of the sides for your little daughter’s girl gang.

Lego Friends Pinata

7. Lego Face Pinata

Skip the conventional style of suspending a piñata from the ceiling. Instead, tie a string around the mouth of the piñata for carrying it from one place to another.

Pinata Lego

8. Lego Pinata: How to Make

Lego Brick Pinata

9. Lego Pineapple Pinata

Hosting a beach-themed party is not a bad idea, especially when the wait for summer seems to be too long. Bet you will love this pineapple.

Lego Pinata Hawaiian

10. Lego City Pinata

Recreate the magic of the animated movie in the house, using tons of corrugated cardboard and craft paints. Invite your kids’ friends over and have a gala time crafting the piñatas.

Lego Movie Pinata

If your little boy is obsessed with Darth Vader of the Star Wars fame, then you know what piñata to make on his birthday.

Lego Star Wars Pinata

11. Popular Lego Pinata

Lego Themed Pinata

12. Simple Lego Batman Pinata Tutorial

Paper mache lovers would find the project a cakewalk. How about adding a Hulk piñata to your Halloween decoration this year?

Lego Batman Pinata

13. How to Make a Lego Pull String Pinata

The pull-style piñata provides an easy way of popping out the delicious candies without tearing the whole.

Lego Pull String Pinata

14. Homemade Lego Pinata

Lego Cardboard Pinata

15. Custom Lego Pinata

Although the tutorial is about making a Superman costume, you can adjust the measurements for the piñata. You can either use plain papers or crepe paper streamers.

Lego Superman Pinata

The little fans of Avengers now have a reason to sit along with their mommy dearest to make this piñata. Follow the step-by-step instructions shared above keeping a note of the Hulk’s features.

Lego Hulk Pinata

16. Lego Pinata Instructions

The project requires a big cardboard box, paper towels tubes, and six pack rings. Cover them with newspapers and colored confetti papers to get your Spiderman ready for the birthday punch.

Lego Spiderman Pinata

The season of piñatas is never-ending as kids love playing with fringed papers, colors, and confectionaries. Are you ready with the munchkins to add some fiesta flair to your dwelling?

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