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5 DIYs to Make a Trolls Pinata

If you are planning for a Trolls themed party, you can amp up the decorations by designing a Trolls piñata. You can plan games with it and little ones would have a gala time breaking it open. Don’t forget to stuff it with goodies. The different characters of the Trolls movie can be made by following the instructions given in the tutorials.

DIY Trolls Pinata Pictures

1. Trolls Cloud Pinata

This Cloud Guy Trolls piñata is simple and can be crafted out of recycled material. Since they make use of packing supplies, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Trolls Pinata

2. Trolls Pinata DIY

When you open the above-linked tutorial, the browser will ask if you want to translate the page. Click on yes as the tutorial is in a foreign language. The Poppy piñata is easy to make and looks great.

DIY Trolls Pinata

3. Troll Pinata Steps

This lovely pink piñata designed on Poppy is sure to steal young hearts. It can adorn a birthday party as a cool decoration item doubling up as a gaming object.

How to Make a Troll Pinata

4. Fun Trolls Cloud Guy Pinata

The tutorial linked above being in a foreign language, you need to right click and translate the page to English. The long limbs and toothy grin of Cloud Guy are sure to bring a smile to kids’ faces.

Trolls Cloud Guy Pinata

5. Pink Trolls Birthday Pinata

Kids would find this pink piñata very interesting. It involves a simple making process using wrapping paper and a cardboard box.

Trolls Birthday Pinata

The making procedures of almost all the DIYs are pretty simple and you can involve little ones who would be super excited to be a part of the project. It would be exciting to revisit the characters from their favorite Trolls movie as they shape the piñatas.

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