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7 Emoji Pinata DIYs

Emoji piñatas offer you the perfect opportunity for showcasing your craft skills. They are the big and beautiful containers that can be burst open to reveal the candies and other gifts. If you don’t like the bigger ones, you can make the cute mini piñatas that cater to different styles of emojis.

DIY Emoji Pinata Pictures

1. Emoji Pinata Instructions

A piñata is fun for social events. Start by cutting cardboard in two circles. You also need to cut the strips for the sides.

Emoji Pinata

2. Emoji Pinata DIY

You can follow this tutorial for making piñatas representing any popular emoji. Cut out cardboard circles and cover them with crepe paper in layers.

DIY Emoji Pinata

3. Lovely Emoji Pinata Idea

This fab emoji piñata gift box can effortlessly put a smile on your friend or sweetheart’s face on Valentine’s Day. You can search for the emoji that you two use the most and use that on the box.

Emoji Pinata Idea

4. Adorable Mini Emoji Pinatas

Mini Emoji Pinatas

5. Winking Emoji Movie Pinata

Emoji Movie Pinata

6. Emoji Pull-String Pinata Steps

The video shows you the making process of a smiling face emoji. If you want, you can make it into a face with large eyes, blushing cheeks and a linear mouth. All the facial features can be made by cutting paper.

Emoji Pull-String Pinata

7. Emoji Pinata Tutorial

How to Make an Emoji Pinata

The one wearing goggles, winking eyes and the smiling face with heart eyes are sure to catch a child’s fancy. People are so fond of using emojis while texting or conversing online through different media. It would be great to give shape to the virtual emoji in the physical world.

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