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How to Make Fabric Flowers: 25 DIY Tutorials

Fabric flowers make fantastic table decorations, wall art and home décor. A bridal bouquet is incomplete without them. They are fun to wear on clothes and hair accessories. You can make extra large or tiny flowers with or without sewing according to your preferences.

DIY Fabric Flower Pictures

1. How to Make Flowers Out Of Fabric

The above-linked tutorial shows you the process of making various patterns of beautiful fabric flowers. The red poinsettia flower looks the most attractive of the lot. You can use thicker fabric for the oversized petals while thin fabric like net looks good on the smaller ones.

Fabric Flowers

2. Fabric Ruffle Flower Tutorial

You can recycle leftover fabric from past projects for this DIY. Once you are through with the steps, you can make a bib necklace with the ruffled fabric flowers. African fabric would make the flower bright.

How to Make Fabric Flower

3. Fabric Flowers Made From Tulle

Cotton and tulle fabric go into the making of these lovely flowers. You can hot glue a pin at the back and accessorize your favorite outfit by wearing it as a brooch. Make them in blush pink for resembling cherry blossoms.

DIY Fabric Flowers

4. Step By Step Pink Fabric Flower Making

A primitive or retro look is lent by the lace and fabric combination of the gathered rose. You can make it with soft silk, satin, sheer, organdy, nylon, etc. A tartan pattern of cloth would lend the flower uniqueness.

Fabric Flower Making

5. Sewing Fabric Flower Design Pattern

This fabric flower can be whipped up pretty fast and with ease. You need to do a gathering stitch on a square fabric piece and keep gathering until you have a quite a puff. Stack several puffs together and sew them at the middle. Add a jewel, button, pearl or bead at the center for decoration.

Fabric Flower Pattern

6. Tutorial for Flat Yoyo Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flower Tutorial

7. Easy Fabric Flower Pattern

These simple and quick flowers with stems can be made from gray, silver, peach, royal blue, purple, black, burgundy, coral, gold, ivory, orange and turquoise fabric. You can use a red and green combination for Christmas.

Easy Fabric Flowers

8. Fabric Flower Headband DIY

You can use this pom pom style of flower for baby headbands, bracelets, boutonniere, hats, hoop earrings, couture, appliqués, hair pins and clips, lapel pins, crown, wrist corsage and other accessories. Giant flowers can be worn on wedding dresses, frocks and used to decorate tablecloths and pillows.

Fabric Flower for Headband

9. 3D Fabric Flower Tutorial

3D Fabric Flower

10. Handmade Big Fabric Flower Corsage Tutorial

DIY Big Fabric Flowers Corsage

11. Free Pattern for Folded Fabric Rose Flowers

These fabric roses are made in a unique fold and twist method. You can have them as your table centerpiece or decorate your walls with them. You can also create the rosettes by rolling frayed denim fabric. You would love the tattered flowers on your hair bow.

Folded Fabric Rose Flowers Free Pattern

12. No Sew Easy T-Shirt Fabric Flowers Instructions

Put your old T-shirts to use by making these fabric flowers of different styles. Aren’t the rosettes cute? The flowers are made in a layered pattern.

Easy T-Shirt Fabric Flowers No Sew

13. Pinwheel Fabric Flowers

You can make these fabric pinwheel flowers into a garland and hang on your wall for spring. Cotton printed fabric suits the craft.

Fabric Pinwheel Flowers

14. DIY Shabby Chic White Fabric Flower

Making Shabby Chic Fabric Flower

15. Miniature Puffy Fabric Flower Idea

Miniature Puffy Fabric Flower

16. Making Long Stemmed Vintage Fabric Flowers

DIY Vintage Fabric Flowers

17. Decorative Chiffon Fabric Flower Tutorial

Fabric Chiffon Flowers

18. Organza Fabric Poppy Flower

This red no-sew flower is made from polyester organza fabric. You can use it to embellish a cat or dog collar. Fabric shapes are singed, melted and curled over a tea light candle for this one.

Organza Fabric Flower

19. Peony Fabric Flower Pattern

The DIY instructions come with a video tutorial for ease of understanding. You have to cut fabric circles and hold them over a flame for curling.

Peony Fabric Flowers

20. Dahlia Fabric Flower Pattern

Dahlia Fabric Flowers

21. Fabric Daisy Flower

Daisy Fabric Flower

22. Directions for Die Cut Dimensional Fabric Flowers

Die Cut Fabric Flowers

23. Japanese Kanzashi Ribbon Fabric Flower Pattern Video

Fabric Ribbon Flower

24. Fabric Tulip Flower Tutorial

This step by step comes with a freely downloadable template to cut out the tulip leaves and buds. The stems are made with pipe cleaners wrapped in fabric and are attached to the buds with glue.

Fabric Tulip Flowers

25. Homemade Hand Rolled Spiral Fabric Flowers

These cool yellow roses are made by rolling strips of scrap fabric by hand. You can use them for a wreath or homemade cards.

Hand Rolled Spiral Fabric Flowers

The step by step techniques would come in handy whenever you think of creating fabric flowers for occasions like weddings. Assorted huge ones can be used for interior décor while the smaller ones can be utilized for scrapbooking.

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