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8 Artistic Needle Felted Bunny Tutorials

Needle felting is an art of creating fluffy woolen objects by making the fiber even more voluminous with the help of felting or barbed needles. Among the countless things you can create in this method, here are some tutorials for making adorable bunnies.

Needle Felted Bunny Pictures

1. How to Make a Needle Felted Bunny

A good intermediate option for needle felt enthusiasts, this cute bunny would take hardly one hour to complete. You may also make some carrots using the same process and place it beside the bunny.

Needle Felted Bunny

2. Needle Felted Bunny: DIY

Needle Felting Bunnies

3. Tutorial for Needle Felted White Rabbit

Grab some white wool and black beads to make this excellent white rabbit. This can be an awesome decorating item for your kids’ room. Those elongated ears, cute eyes, and little paws are sure to win anyone’s heart in a jiffy.

How to Needle Felt a Rabbit

4. Easy Needle Felt Bunny

The tutorial also includes instructions for a giant carrot along with the cute tiny bunnies.

Needle Felt Bunny

5. How to Make a Needle Felted Rabbit

Follow the tutorial and get an amazing rabbit like this one here. The beautiful bow accentuates its cuteness. It can make a great handmade Easter gift for the kids in your family.

Needle Felted Rabbit

6. Cute Needle Felted Bunny Instruction

Use multiple shades of wool to make different kinds of bunnies and use them as a return gift for your kid’s birthday party.

Needle Felt Bunny Patterns

7. Needle Felted Easter Bunny

Great for beginners, this one teaches you to make cute a cute needle felted bunny face. Don’t keep it alone, rather give it a friend by making a needle felted duck, or anything else you prefer. You may also make multiple bunny ‘balls’ for your Easter decoration.

Needle Felting Design Idea

8. Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial

Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial

As creativity has no limitation, you can make other types of rabbits, like jackrabbits, or even cartoon character themed ones, including Bugs Bunny, and Peter Rabbit using the same method. Just make sure the color of the yarn matches the colors of any character you are making. So, get your needle felting kit and start working on your masterpiece.

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