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11 Tutorials for Making a Minnie Mouse Piñata

A Minnie Mouse piñata takes the fun quotient of a party up by a few notches. Little girls are big fans of the Disney character and would be more than glad to break it and grab the goodies inside. The bow at the top of the piñata that is usually made of polka dotted paper is the main distinguishing factor of the depicted character. Hence you should be extra careful while making it and should not miss it.

Minnie Mouse Piñata Pictures

1. Minnie Mouse Piñata Instructions

The supplies for this pretty Minnie Mouse piñata include a white foam board, black crepe paper, craft glue, mailing tape, hot glue gun and a red polka dot ribbon.

Minnie Mouse Piñata

2. Red and Black Minnie Mouse Piñata

The above-linked tutorial is for making both Mickey and Minnie Mouse piñatas. The red bow is the only difference between the two.

Red Minnie Mouse Piñata

3. Homemade Minnie Mouse Piñata Guide

A Costco sized Huggies box was used for making this piñata. You need to first draw the ears on the thick paper. You can do that easily by using bowls.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Piñata

4. Minnie Mouse Piñata Directions

This piñata is made using the paper mache technique on inflated large balloons. Later streamers, both big and small, are used to cover it and a pink tissue paper bow is attached in between the ears.

Minnie Mouse Piñata Tutorial

5. Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Piñata

How to Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Piñata

6. Handmade Giant Mini Mouse Piñata

This lovely piñata is made with a cardboard of medium thickness to ensure that it breaks after a few hits if not too many. It is decorated with crepe paper.

Giant Minnie Mouse Piñata

7. Baby Minnie Mouse Piñata for Birthday

Baby Minnie Mouse Birthday Piñata

8. DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Piñata Step By Step

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Piñata Step By Step

9. Adorable DIY Minnie Mouse Piñata

Minnie Mouse Piñata DIY

10. Minnie Mouse Piñata in Red and White

Red and White Minnie Mouse Piñata

11. Cute Minnie Mouse Head Piñata

Minnie Mouse Head Piñata

Any one of these piñatas is sure to get the kids super-excited. The beauty of the gaming item is that it doubles up as a party decoration. You can use them for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, birthdays or any other Minnie Mouse or Disney themed parties.

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