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15 Tutorials on How to Make Chinese Paper Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns are a notch above the other types of paper lanterns in terms of tradition and charm. By making them you do your bit towards a greener earth as they are biodegradable. You can have them hanging from the wall or your door during festive occasions.

Chinese Paper Lantern Pictures

1. Make Your Own Chinese Paper Lanterns

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style with these pink Chinese paper lanterns. You can have pretty patterns on the cardstock that you are using.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

2. Chinese Lanterns Out Of Paper

You can have these large lanterns for any celebration at your home. Be it the Labor Day or a summer barbecue party. It can be a great table centerpiece at weddings.

How to Make Chinese Paper Lanterns

3. Instructions for Chinese Paper Flying Lanterns

These flying wishing lanterns can light up the sky like a dream. Once the air inside it is sufficiently hot, it goes up in the sky like a hot air balloon.

Chinese Flying Paper Lanterns

4. DIY Colored Chinese Paper Lanterns

You can make these authentic Chinese light-up lanterns with scrapbook, wrapping, or construction paper. There can be decorative designs on them. Purple, blue and pink colored paper would make them pleasant to the eyes.

Chinese Paper Lanterns DIY

5. Ancient Chinese Paper Lantern Directions

The vintage looks of this red and gold globe lantern are sure to grab eyeballs. If you are decorating your house for Christmas, you can have red and green for your homemade Chinese lantern.

Ancient Chinese Paper Lantern

6. Lovely Chinese Paper Lantern Fairy Lights

Lend a unique dimension to your handmade Chine lanterns by lighting them with fairy lights. You can have battery operated tea light candles, LED lights, string lights and solar lights as well.

Chinese Paper Lantern Fairy Lights

7. Tutorial for Round Chinese Paper Ball Lanterns

Chinese Round Paper Ball Lanterns Tutorial

8. Floating Chinese Paper Flying Sky FireLanterns

Floating Paper Chinese Sky Fire Lanterns

9. Giant Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns DIY

DIY Giant Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns

10. Chinese Lantern Out Of Tissue Paper

Chinese Lantern With Tissue Paper

11. Make Your Own Mini Chinese Hanging Paper Lanterns

The small Chinese paper lanterns can be hung as a garland with a string. You can have a floral pattern of paper for making them during spring fests.

Mini Chinese Paper Lanterns

12. Lotus Flower Floating Chinese Lanterns Done By Paper Folding

Paper Folding Lotus Flower Floating Chinese Lanterns

13. Vintage Chinese Red Square Paper Lantern

This box-shaped red lantern with gold fringes gives a traditional look to the DIY Chinese lantern. The gold curled ribbon attached to the top lends it a hint of charm. If you don’t like the showiness, you can craft the lantern out of white paper.

Square Chinese Red Paper Lanterns

14. Chinese Fish Paper Lantern Project

Chinese Paper Fish Lantern

15. Paper Mache Chinese Lantern with Candle Lamp and Balloon

Paper Mache Chinese Candle Lamp Lantern Balloon

The lanterns can be crafted in various shapes, sizes and colors to bring in variation to your garden decorations. They speak volumes about the craft lover in you. Gone are the days of drab artificial lighting. Bring in some old world pomp and grandeur conforming to the Chinese tradition with these DIY lighting alternatives.

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