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10 Ways to Make Floating Paper Lanterns

Floating paper lanterns look beautiful in the pool and you can also use them for enhancing your wedding décor. They are basically paper structures that have a candle or any artificial lighting source at their centers. You can make them in different colors to make them appealing to the eyes.

Pictures of Floating Paper Lantern

1. Make Your Own Floating Paper Lantern

Float this lotus shaped paper lantern to help the wandering spirits find their way home. It is an ancient Chinese as well as Japanese tradition. Follow the folding instructions carefully to nail the project.

Floating Paper Lantern

2. Floating Japanese Paper Lantern Lights

Use these Japanese floating paper lanterns to remember your ancestors as you float them in water. Different faiths follow this lantern floating ritual for spiritual purposes.

Floating Paper Lantern Lights

3. Make Floating Paper Lanterns

You can pay your respects to Buddha by making these dainty paper lanterns float in water during the various lotus lantern festivals that are organized on the holy occasion of His birthday.

How to Make Floating Paper Lanterns

4. Handmade Floating Paper Candle Lanterns

Floating Paper Candle Lanterns

5. Lotus Flower Floating Paper Lanterns for Weddings

Paper Floating Lotus Flower Lanterns for Weddings

6. DIY Paper Fire Floating Lanterns

These quaint spherical paper lanterns light up the pool in a romantic manner. If you want, you can place tea light candles inside the paper lanterns instead of artificial lights.

Paper Fire Floating Lanterns

7. Lovely Floating Paper Lanterns on Water

Floating Paper Lanterns on Water

8. DIY Tutorial for Pool Water Floating Paper Lantern

You can attach a cork or Styrofoam block to the base of the lotus flower paper lantern to make it float on water. If you don’t want it to float, give the cork a miss and light it to accentuate your interior décor.

DIY Water Floating Paper Lantern for Pool

9. Bright and Colorful Water Floating Paper Lanterns

Water Floating Paper Lanterns

10. Biodegradable Floating Paper Lotus Candle Lanterns

Floating Biodegradable Paper Lotus Candle Lanterns

You can give a personal touch as you make the paper lanterns. They have their roots in history and tradition and offer a fulfilling craft experience. They make a pleasant sight when floated on water in large numbers. The DIY paper lanterns make the water body look bright and beautiful. Their gorgeous shapes accentuate the sight.

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