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17+ Ways to Make a Driftwood Wreath

If you have collected plenty of driftwoods from your beach vacation this summer, then go creative and make a host of crafts from it like a clock, mirror or even a cute and adorable wreath for your living room. The DIYs below would help your wreath making process to be a smooth and enjoyable one.

Driftwood Wreath Pictures

1. DIY Driftwood Wreath

The shells sitting on the cute wreath give it a beach-like fervor.

Driftwood Wreath

2. Tutorial to Make a Circular Driftwood Wreath

Randomly arrange small and large driftwoods for a unique look.

Driftwood Wreath Image

3. How to DIY a Driftwood Wreath

Driftwood Wreath DIY

4. Homemade Round Driftwood Wreath for Christmas

Paint some of the driftwoods in this layered wreath in green, and add a Christmas holly on top to give it a festive look.

Driftwood Christmas Wreath

Driftwood Christmas Wreath

5. How to Make a Beachy Driftwood Wreath for Spring

 You can add real or faux season flowers in accordance to the time you are making the wreath.

How to Make a Driftwood Wreath

6. How to Make a Sunburst Driftwood Wreath

Paint the tips of the longer driftwoods in orange and yellow for a startling effect.


How to Make Driftwood Wreath

7. DIY Driftwood Heart Wreath

Paint the entire wood or some parts of it in patches of red for a gorgeous appeal.

Driftwood Heart Wreath

8. How to Make a Driftwood Wreath for 4th of July in Red, White, and Blue

The red, white and blue streaks of the driftwood make it look ideal for the American Independence Day.

Driftwood Fourth July Wreath

9. DIY Antler Wreath using Driftwood

You can make a driftwood base for the wreath, cut some of the woods in the shape of an antler and finally add pinecones, shells as well as other decorations for a festive appeal.

Driftwood Deer Antler Wreath

10. Instructions to Make a Driftwood Peace Wreath

Follow the instructions in the given tutorial, with the grapevine and twigs being replaced by the driftwoods. Lights or decorative garlands may be used to brighten up the wreath in the festive season.

Driftwood Peace Wreath

11. Making a Driftwood Wreath with Seashells and Starfish

You can add a red and green ribbon instead of the lace one while decorating it for Christmas.

Driftwood Seashell Wreath

Following the same method, you can also make a wreath solely of starfish as shown here. A unique way would be to paint the tips of the driftwood in blue and then glue starfish to it.

Driftwood Starfish Wreath

12. Handmade Driftwood Star Wreath

You can paint the star in green and red too for retaining the Christmas spirit.

Driftwood Star Wreath

13. How to Make a Beautiful Driftwood Wreath for Christmas

You can glue a big paper star to one side of the wreath.

Driftwood Xmas Wreath

Another interesting idea would be to glue amazing sea glasses alongside seashells for an enticing look.

Driftwood Seaglass Wreath

14. Rustic Driftwood Wreath DIY

A big burlap bow would add to its rusticity further.

Rustic Driftwood Wreath

After arranging the driftwood in a round way, you can add seasonal flowers and a bow to it as shown below.

Driftwood Outdoor Wreath

While planning to design your home for summer, gluing succulents on the wreath would be a great decoration idea.

Driftwood Wreath Succulent Arrangement

15. Ocean-Themed Driftwood Wreath Tutorial for Summer

The twine circling it adds to its magnificence.

Driftwood Ocean Wreath

Arranging the sea shells and starfish randomly adds to its grandeur.

Driftwood Beach Wreath

16. Simple Tutorial to Make a Driftwood Wreath for Doors

You can add a red bow or a big flower to the side for a unique look.

Driftwood Door Wreath

17. Unique Christmas Driftwood Decoration DIY

A red star on the wreath would add to its beauty.

Driftwood Wreath Decoration

Driftwoods with their fresh, rustic appeal serve as an ideal décor choice for all seasons and occasions. Get into a fun-filled experience by designing classy wreaths to give your home a charming look.

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