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18 Ways to Make Cute Baby Flower Headbands

Dressing your little princess with pretty floral headbands or crowns would definitely be something that you immensely cherish. A big flower sitting in the middle of a silk, ribbon, elastic or crochet band or covering the entire part of it may give your little doll an adorable look. Check out the interesting tutorials to know how to make a baby flower crown headband.

Baby Flower Headband Pictures

1. DIY Pretty Flower Headband for Baby Girl

If you are planning this for Christmas you could make a big red or green flower against a white background.

Baby Flower Headband

2. Instructions to Make a Cute Fabric Flower Baby Girl Headband

Add a showy button in the middle of the flowers for a unique appeal.

Baby Girl Flower Headband

3. Simple Baby Flower Crown Headband

This tutorial shows a unique way of making a flower crown and headband. If making it for a baby, go for headbands made of ribbon to give them comfort.

Baby Flower Crown Headbands

4. Tutorial to Make Felt Flower Headband for Babies

You could also go for one big flower in the middle with many small ones arranged to the side.

Felt Flower Baby Headband Tutorial

5. Adorable Baby Headband with Flowers and Buttons

For your baby’s Christening, adding white flowers against a white or cream ribbon would give the headband a wonderful getup.

How to Make a Baby Flower Headband

6. BabyFlower Crown Headband with White Flowers Tutorial

Following the same pattern, you could use any fresh flowers or even faux ones like rose and tulip to design a lovely headband. If you feel that the base of the headband made with branches could hurt your baby’s head, replace it with a satin ribbon.

Baby Flower Crown Headband

7. Free Crochet Flower Headband Pattern for Babies

You can even make a big crochet bow at the center and attach tiny flowers to the sides.

Crochet Flower Patterns for Baby Headbands

8.  How to Make Fabric Flowers for Headbands

You could make roses with colorful fabrics to enhance the cuteness of your headband.

Fabric Flower for Baby Headband

9. Spring Theme Knitted Pink Baby Flower Headband Free Pattern

A pretty pink or yellow headband would fabulously team with your baby girl’s dress of the same shade.

Free Knitting Pattern for Baby Headband with Flower

10. Tutorial to Make a Colorful Baby Crochet Flower Headband

Crochet Flower Headband Baby

11. How to Make Your Own Tulle Flower Baby Headband

Following the pattern above you could make headbands using chiffon or lace also.

Tulle Flower Baby Headband

12. Cute Chiffon Flower and Lace Baby Headband Tutorial

Two cute roses sitting amidst the white lace gives the headband an appealing look.

How to Make Chiffon Flowers for Headbands

13. Newborn Baby Headbands with Flowers DIY

The daisy trim may be replaced by other flowers in accordance to the season.

Newborn Baby Headbands with Flowers

14. How to Make Felt Flower Headband for Babies

Felt Flower Baby Headband

15. DIY Baby Flower Crown

A big floral crown for any special occasion would be an absolute way to deck up your little doll.

Baby Flower Crown

16. Instructions to Make a Pretty Blue Flower Crown for a Baby Girl

Flower Crown for Baby Girl

17. Pretty Flower Crown for Mom and Baby

Mom and Baby Flower Crown

18. Fresh Flower Crown for Baby DIY

This daisy floral crown would be perfect for your baby when she is all set for the baptism ceremony.

DIY Baby Flower Crown Headband

You could make the headband or crown with faux flowers or even fresh ones for newborns, toddlers or even little girls. The colors may range in accordance to your choice like blue, pink, gold, cream, white, red and so on depending on the occasion and purpose. The size may also vary, as if you want your little one’s face to look full then a big flower would be perfect, while small ones are suited for older kids.

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