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16+ Ways to Make Hippie Headbands

Hippie headbands have a bohemian vibe about them and make you feel carefree. It is because they tame your hair and prevent the locks from falling on your face, though it might not be the only reason behind your donning it. They look unconventionally stylish and keeps you ahead of your fashion game. You might want to wear them during the warmer months since you are not covering your head at that time of the year.

Hippie Headbands DIY

1. Make a Thin Hippie Headband

Accessorize you hair for summer by making this cute braided hippie headband. It is made out of cotton fabric that gives the headgear texture.

Hippie Headband

2. Hippie Flower Headband DIY

This gorgeous flower headband can be worn for weddings. It looks delicate and would perfectly suit the occasion. They would look ravishing during spring time too.

Hippie Flower Headband

Daisy hippie headbands are a unique mix of bohemian and chic. Follow the same procedure as the above tutorial. Just use daisies for embellishing your hippie headband instead of any other flower.

Hippie Daisy Chain Headband

3. How to Make a Hippie Headband from Ribbon

Making this ribbon hippie headband is easy. You just have to make a braid with a ribbon and then sew a ribbon bow to it. It looks fine on your head.

How to Make a Hippie Headband Out Of Ribbon

4. Free Pattern for Crochet Hippie Headband

Crochet stitches make this hippie headband look classy. It can be worn across the forehead in true hippy style or over the head in a way that is more traditional. The pattern uses tall crochet stitches.

Crochet Hippie Headband Free Pattern

5. Cute Hippie Style Headband for You

The above-linked article has the instructions of making a tulle and beads necklace, cuff and headband. The beaded headband is embellished with a spiral chain and rhinestones.

Cute Hippie Style Headband

6. Vivid Hippie Floral Headband

Sunflowers on your headband spell charm. They also give you beach vibes. Wear it to a summer party and turn heads. The process needs a little bit of sewing.

Hippie Floral Headband

7. Cool Hippie Feather Headband

This vibrant hippy headband is made with feathers. The red color of the cord and the feathers look stunning on your mane.

Cool Feather Hippie Headband

8. Fashionable Women’s Hippie Headband

Women’s Hippie Headband

9. Braided DIY Hippie Girl Headband

DIY Hippie Girl Headband

10. Homemade Wide Hippie Headbands

Here, we talk about the DIY steps of making two wide headbands. One is a braided one and the other one is lacey. If you want something thicker, you can wrap a multi-colored bandana or scarf around your head.

Wide Hippie Headbands

11. Unique Boho 60’s And 70’s Braided Hippie Headband

Boho 60’s 70’s Braided Hippie Headband

12. Happy Hippie Headband Directions

Happy Hippie Headband

13. Pretty Hippie Heart Headband

Hippie Heart Headband

14. Leather Hippie Headband

If you are a fan of leather accessories, you can craft your hippie headband out of leather. The leather can be a plain, thin strip across your forehead or it may be ornate with triangular cut-outs, the making of which is shown in the above-linked tutorial.

Hippie Leather Headband

15. Tie-Dye Hippie Headband

Hippie Tie-Dye Headband

16. Make Your Own Vintage Hippie Headband

The gold leather feathers give this fancy hippie headband a vintage vibe. You can wear it to parties and make a style statement.

Vintage Hippie Headband

Note that we have a hippie headband style for every DIY skill. There is tie-dyeing, sewing, beading, crocheting, braiding among others. There is a hippie in almost all of us. Let the free spirit be unleashed by designing these charming yet cheap headbands. Don’t forget to team the hair accessory with a suitable hippie outfit to work the magic.

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