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21+ DIYs to Make a Leaf Crown (Leaf Headband)

Leaf crowns made of real or faux leaves are a sought-after choice for any special occasion. Designing them at home seems to be a mere cakewalk, as all that is needed is to arrange the leaves together by stitching or gluing and finally attaching them to a crown, twine or elastic. Check out the useful DIY instructions that follow to make unique leaf crowns at home.

Pictures of DIY Leaf Crown

1. How to Make a Leaf Crown with Fall Leaves

Add small, pearl beads at the center to enhance its gorgeousness.

Leaf Crown

2. How to Make a Gold Leaf Crown for Wedding

Spray painting dried leaves in gold would help to make pretty leaves like this. You could even add small flowers in between for an enticing appeal.

Gold Leaf Crown

3. Greek Leaf Crown DIY

The Greeks maintained the tradition of bestowing olive leaf crown upon the winners of the Olympic games. If you wish to continue the tradition, similarly design a crown, making faux ones with cardstock and gold paint if you don’t find real leaves.

Greek Leaf Crown

4. Roman-inspired Leaf Crown Tutorial

To commemorate the occasion of the Ides of March that falls on 15 of the month every year, the day when Caesar was assassinated, you could make a stylish leaf crown like this one.

Roman Leaf Crown

5.  How to Make an Olive Leaf Crown for Kids

While turning the chapters of History books and learning about Greeks and Olympic games, the little ones might want to get a practical experience of the crowns that were made then. To replicate olive leaves, make fake ones with green construction paper. Give your kids the liberty of making several patterns with the designed leaves.

Olive Leaf Crown

6. Pretty Greek Goddess Laurel Leaf Crown for Kids DIY

The golden glittery paper brings in an added charm to the crown.

Laurel Leaf Crown

7. Fall Leaf Crown Tutorial

The cord used for tying the crown could be made of showy ribbons.

Fall Leaf Crown

8. DIY Green Leaf Crown with Fern

Green Leaf Crown

You may even attach felt leaves on a headband, alongside big and small pom poms shown in the image below, to make a showy accessory.

Green Leaf Headband

9. DIY to Make a Lovely Autumn Leaf Headband

This homemade autumn leaf headband looks professionally made, doesn’t it? It would be the perfect hair accessory for a fall wedding.

Leaf Headband

10. Olive Paper Leaf Crown Instructions

Add sparkles and beads to make it look brighter.

Paper Leaf Crown

11. Gorgeous Gold Leaf Crown DIY

The golden leaves and pretty pearls make the crown immensely stunning.

DIY Gold Leaf Crown

You could make this cute headband as shown in the given image by making leaves with cardstock paper, painting them in gold, and finally attaching elastic or string top the headband.

Gold Leaf Baby Headband

12. How to Make a Gold Leaf Crown Headband

Gold Leaf Crown Headband

13. Ti Leaf Tahitian Headpiece DIY

To celebrate Luau, Lei or any other festivals in Hawaii, a pretty crown as the one depicted in the tutorial made with ti leaves can be designed.

Ti Leaf Crown

14. Directions to Make a Crown of Leaves

Weaving the leaves one after the other makes for an elegant crown. Attach a flower at the centre for a spectacular look.

How to Make a Leaf Crown

15. How to DIY a Flower Leaf Crown

Attach leaves and flowers, real or faux, to a hoop to get this fabulous flower leaf crown at hand. You could opt for sunflowers if planning for a summer craft or anything else, depending on the season and occasion. 

Flower Leaf Crown

16. Moana Style Leaf and Flower Crown

If your little doll is a princess Moana fan, then this colorful flower and leaf crown would suit her best. Check here for more exciting ideas to make Moana flower crown headbands.

Moana Leaf Crown

17. Autumn Maple Leaf Crown DIY

The colorful assortment of maple leaves would look fantastic when made into a crown.

Maple Leaf Crown

18. Olive Leave Olympic Wreath or Crown for Boys  DIY

Trim a paper plate and design it into a fabulous Olympic crown for your kids to wear. It could even be made into a stylish wreath.

Olive Leaf Crown Olympics

Another interesting idea would be to make a leaf crown with felt leaves and stitch the vein with red or any other thread of your choice.

Leaf Crown Headpiece

19. Easy DIY Fall-themed Headband

These bright-looking felt leaves, look even more marvelous with the branches stitched.

Autumn Leaf Headband

20. How to Make a Winter Leaf Headband

How to Make a Leaf Headband

21. DIY Green Leaf Tiara

The twines supporting the tiara give it a rustic look.

Leaf Tiara

These amazing tutorials would help to make fabulous leaf crowns with fall leaves, green leaves, golden leaves in Roman, Greek, Hawaiian, or any other style as per your choice. Wear them as crowns, tiaras, or even as headbands for enhancing your charm and beauty.

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