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14+ DIYs to Make a Gorgeous Moana Flower Crown Headband

The popular animated 3D Disney movie Moana, named after the central protagonist, Polynesian princess of the same name, has been an instant hit among the little ones. Dressing your little doll in Moana attire or decking her up with accessories of this pretty princess for any particular occasion would indeed be a great choice. The pretty floral crown that she adorned her head with is indeed one of the things you could design for your little girl as she is set to participate in the fashion party of her school or attend a pal’s birthday party. Let us check out some of the DIYs to make a Moana flower crown headband.

DIY Moana Flower Crown Headband Pictures

1. Moana Flower Paper Crown DIY

This paper Moana flower crown would be an absolute fun craft for your kids during the summer break.

Moana Flower Crown

2. Tutorial to Make a Pretty Moana Flower Crown with Felt

To give it a rustic appearance, you may add faux grass for the leaves and felt for the flowers.

Flower Crown Moana

3. Easy Steps to Make a Moana Flower Crown

Beads or sparkles may be added to the center of the flower for a gorgeous feel.

Moana Flower Crown DIY

4. How to Make a Moana Flower Crown

How to Make Moana Flower Crown

5. DIY Moana Flower Lei Crown

The white flowers may be replaced by pink ones to create the Moana feel.

Make Moana Flower Crown

6. Moana Flower Crown Tutorial

Flowers of different colors give the crown a boho chic look.

Moana Flower Crown Tutorial

7. Disney Moana-Inspired Crown Tutorial

Moana Crown

8. Moana Leaf Crown Craft

This tutorial shows you how to make the crown with leaves and flowers. However, if you wish to make it unique you can just make it using the leaves and add some twig to it.

Moana Leaf Crown

9. Easy Tutorial to Make a Moana Headband

Moana Headband

10. DIY Moana Headband

If you want to bring the entire Moana family to your kids’ wardrobe then this tutorial would be of great help. Besides Moana’s costume and the trademark headband, it also guides you on how to make Pua’s (Moana’s pet pig) and Maui’s outfits.

Moana DIY Headband

11. How to Make a Moana-Inspired Te Fiti Flower Headband

The unison of lavender, yellow and pink gives the headband a soothing appearance.

How to Make Moana Headband

12. DIY Moana Inspired Mickey Ears

You could cover Mickey’s ears with black felt.

Moana Ears Headband

13. Moana Felt Headband for Babies

If you are designing it for fall, you may add bits of yellow flowers too alongside the pink ones.

Baby Moana Headband

14. Instructions to Make a Moana Flower Headband with Minnie Ears

Do not miss adding the customary red bow on top else the Minnie Mouse effect would remain incomplete.

Moana Flower Headband

Besides Moana, you could make headbands or crowns based on other Disney princesses too like Snow White, Belle, Princess Jasmine or Cinderella.

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