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4+ Tutorials for Making a Balloon Monkey

Either a baby shower or a birthday party for toddlers, balloon monkeys lend peppiness in any get-together. If you have a little time in hands, just go through the tutorials and become an efficient balloon monkey maker. Once they are made, decorate your home with them.

Tutorials for Making a Balloon Monkey

1. How to Make a Balloon Monkey

A brown monkey with a funny face looks adorable. Draw its eyes with a marker and place it on a couch to welcome your guests.

Balloon Monkey

2. Balloon Monkey DIY

A clinging monkey wins our heart with its sweetness. The white balloon makes it look like a gibbon.

White Monkey Balloon

Instead of white, you could use yellow or other vibrant colors.

How to Make a Monkey out of Balloons

If you want something light in color, then choose a sky blue balloon.

How to Make a Balloon Monkey Step-by-Step

3. Monkey Balloon Bracelet

Use this fun bracelet as a return gift to all the kids attending your princess’s birthday party.

Monkey Balloon Animal

Not only pale colors, rather darker shades also lend an appealing look.

How to Make a Balloon Monkey

4.  Long -Tailed Balloon Monkey

Follow the video and make a long-tailed monkey and prepare some banana balloons and give this to your new friend. He will be happy for sure.

Balloon Monkey Instruction

Balloons are a stress reliever for adults so, while having them made, be assured to have lots of fun. One thing you must be careful about is to keep them intact for a longer time, or else they can pop even with a simple prick, and who would want with their balloon monkey.

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