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12+ DIYs For Making a Balloon Tree

Making innovative crafts with balloons have been an increasing trend in the recent times. Instead of opting for a simple decoration you can try your hands at making a gorgeous tree with balloons for any themed party or special occasions, making the below tutorials your guide.

How to Make a Tree with Balloons

1. Balloon Tree DIY

This is perhaps the easiest way of making a balloon tree as you simply have to stick scrapes of paper on the wall and paste balloons on them. If you have a jungle-themed party, make a balloon monkey too alongside the tree

Balloon Tree

As a decoration for bigger events, use the same technique to make a balloon palm tree arch at the entrance of the venue.

Balloon Tree Arch

2. Tutorial Make a Tree with Balloons

Use bright balloons of different shades of green for more colorful yet realistic-looking tree. Decorate it with ribbons or paper strips for a fabulous look.

Balloon Tree Tutorial

You can decorate your tree in a grand way by incorporating a host of colorful balloons for the bough and also adding balloon animals on it just as the one shown in the picture below.

Balloon Tree Decoration

3. How to Make a Palm Tree with Balloons

A palm tree sitting at the entrance of a beach-themed party would set the mood of the revelers.

Balloon Palm Tree

4. Balloon Palm Tree Leaves Tutorial

Another creative approach would be to paint palm leaves on the balloon that you are planning to design as a tree. Follow the procedure mentioned in the tutorial for coloring the leaves.

Balloon Palm Tree Leaves

5. Steps on How to Make a Balloon Christmas Tree

Use red balloons and ribbons for decorations. You can even add a star-shaped golden to top off your tree.

Balloon Christmas Tree

If you are staging the Adam and Eve act this Christmas, then try something different by making a tree with green balloons and designing the red ones in the shape of an apple.

Balloon Apple Tree

6. Directions on Making a Balloon Topiary Tree

A kaleidoscopic topiary tree made of deflated balloons in a big pot is a great showpiece for your living room.

Balloon Topiary Tree

7. How to Make a Mini Topiary Tree with Balloons

Tie ribbons to the balloon to make it look attractive.

How to Make a Balloon Tree

8. How to Make a Balloon Tree Centerpiece       

Surprise your best pal on her baby shower by making a cute little balloon tree, the color depending on the gender of the baby.

Balloon Tree Centerpiece

9. Tutorial to Make Balloon Trees

There are a variety of ornaments which you can such as stockings or colorful plastic balls.

Balloon Trees

If you have a bigger space and a flexible budget, get a balloon tree stand and make a larger than life swirly Christmas tree like the one below. Place a few balloon flowers around for a colorful impact.

How to Make a Christmas Tree with Balloons

10. How to Make a Palm Tree out of Balloons

A unique and extra easy way of creating floating balloon trees is to make them with poster board and streamers.

Palm Tree Balloon

11. Tutorial on a Palm Tree Column with Balloons

Make a large palm tree out of balloons with fronds as leaves for an attractive balloon tree display stand.

How to Make a Palm Tree Balloon Column

For a more regal look, go for silver fronds and white coconuts. This decoration is suitable for both day-time and night-time events.

Balloon Coconut Tree

12. How to Make a Balloon Topiary Tree

Making a balloon topiary tree with paper flowers and glittery ribbons and storing it in a pot would make a classy centerpiece for brunch parties.

Balloon Topiary Tree Instructions

Balloon trees are truly an affordable way to decorate for parties or simply for your tables and kids’ rooms. This craft is also an eco-friendly alternative, simple to make and easier to dispose of. For convenience and prolonged use, get a non-helium balloon inflator as blowing so many of them may indeed be tiring. So for your next event, make sure you go for the easy, affordable and eco-friendly way to decorate with these balloon trees.

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