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How to Make a Balloon Dog: 14+ Step-by-Step Tutorials

Balloon dogs are simple to make and can be a wonderful addition to parties. Wish “Happy Birthday” in style with these cuties. They don’t go overboard with a lot of color and accessories and sport a minimalist look. Kids would love to play with them as toys. The bubbles all over the body make them adorable.

Balloon Dog Art

1. Make Your Own Balloon Dog

The balloon dog is one of the easiest animals to craft making it popular and a cornerstone of balloon art. It begins by folding a deflated balloon in half and inflating it up to the central crease.

Balloon Dog

2. How to Make a Dog Out Of a Balloon

This project is perfect for beginners in balloon modeling. The steps involve inflating a balloon with a balloon pump, tying a knot at the mouth of the balloon, making the dog’s face, ears, neck, legs, stomach and tail by twisting. You can draw eyes and a smile on the dog’s head to complete.

How to Make a Balloon Dog

3. Balloon Dog Animal

Balloons are an integral part of a kid’s birthday party. Get experimental by twisting them to resemble a dog shape for added zing in the celebrations.

Balloon Animal Dog

4. How to Make Dog Balloons

The tips and tricks to make the balloon dog are worth noting. Some of them are, always twist from the tied end and check that your nails are short and smooth before starting the activity. You can add some height if you wish to design it as a bookend.

Dog Balloon

5. Dog Out Of Balloons

If you want to learn this craft, you would need to use special balloons and a balloon pump that helps you with the twisting process. Sound knowledge of proportions while making the body of the animal is useful.

Make a Dog with Balloons

6. Bright Balloon Dogs

Balloon Dogs

7. Dog Balloon Twisting Instructions with Video

A balloon, an air pump and a permanent marker are the only supplies for this project. The twisting of the different parts of the dog is shown in a diagram. The written instructions come with a video tutorial as well.

Balloon Twisting Dog Instructions

The head of the dog can be attached to a balloon hat, the directions to which are can also be found in the above-linked tutorial.

Balloon Dog Hat

8. Step By Step Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog Step By Step

9. DIY Easy Balloon Dog Design

Balloon Dog Tutorial

10. Wiener Sausage Dog Balloon Animal How-To

The Wiener dog balloon could earn you accolades from your craft peers. You just need to get the twisting right for this one. Having a clear estimate of the length of the dog in your mind helps.

How to Make a Wiener Balloon Sausage Dog Animal

11. Balloon Modeling Dog Instructions

Balloon Modeling Dog

12. Unique Balloon Dog with Leash

Balloon Dog with Leash

13. Cute 1 balloon dog

1 Balloon Dog

14. Do a 2 Balloon Dog

2 Balloon Dog

The trick is to set up the balloons for creating dogs with the right number of twists. The pictures are a great guide to the steps. The images are in pink, red, yellow, green, etc. allowing you to play with the colors of the balloons.  Apart from decorating a party, you can do them for gifting purposes too.

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