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How to Make Fall Wreaths: 54 Easy Tutorials

Adorning a door with wreaths have been a European custom since the ancient times. In Greece and Rome, people used wreaths to represent their social stratum, while on Poland, the harvest festival Dozynki” is incomplete without a wreath decoration. Besides flowers and berries, fall or harvest wreaths are traditionally made of harvested plants and colorful threads.

Fall Wreath Ideas

1. How to Make a Wreath Using Burlap Pieces

Welcome the beautiful autumn with a burlap wreath like this one. The adornments can vary depending on the occassion.

Burlap Fall Wreath

2. DIY Fall Pumpkin Wreath

For a heavier embellishment, pine corns, acorns, pumpkins, berries and assorted feathers work well, with a warm orange hue.

Fall Wreath

3. Instruction for Making a Fall Door Wreath with Oats

Countryside living is a blessing when you can have grains and other cereals for making such beautiful wreaths without much ado.

Fall Door Wreath

4. Fall Wreath in Autumn Colors: Do It Yourself

You need maximum sixty minutes for making such a beautiful wreath that you may use to enhance the décor of your drawing room.

Fall Wreath Idea

Fall Wreath Idea

5.  Willow Wreath for Front Door

The more the merrier! Attach all necessary materials closely for a chunky look of the wreath. A burlap bow on top makes the entire thing that much cuter.

DIY Fall Wreath

6. Simple Fall Deco Mesh Wreath

Making mesh wreaths is a cool way to enjoy your spare time with your kids, especially when the outcome is so creative.

Fall Deco Mesh Wreath

7. Pumpkin Fall Wreath

This burlap wreath comes together pretty quickly and is the right accent for people who prefer simple fall decor.

Fall Burlap Wreath

8. How to Make a Floral Wreath

Silk flowers, foam wreath and additional embellishments of your choice will suffice for this magnificent piece of art. Hang them from a satin ribbon for a more appealing look.

Colorful Fall Wreath Idea

9. Step-by-Step Instruction for a Leaf Wreath

Faux leaves and ornamental grasses make a wonderful wreath if infused together. Go through the tutorial and make one to welcome the ever beautiful autumn.

How to Make a Fall Wreath

10. Instant Homemade Fall Wreath Tutorial

When Halloween is around the corner and you are running out of innovative ideas to make your decor look cool, try making this wreath that you can use during fall.

Homemade Fall Wreath

11. How to Make a Sunshine Wreath for Your Door

Fall Wreath for Front Door

12. Create a Colorful Mesh Wreath

Fall Mesh Wreath

13. Make a Wreath out of Yarn and Felt

A bright yellow wreath achieves an engaging look when a cluster of leaves (made of felt sheets) is attached to it.

Make a Fall Wreath

14. Glitter Leaf Wreath

Some artificial glittery leaves do wonder when glued to form a wreath. Suspend it from a strong wire and see its resplendence.

DIY Glitter Wreath

15. Round Wreath DIY

How to Make a Burlap Fall Wreath

16. How to Make a Wreath with Rosette Template

Make six to seven colorful roses and attach them to your wreath for a marvelous effect.

How to Make a Wreath with Felt Rosettes

17. Outdoor Fall Wreath and Its How To

Tri color ribbons and mesh will be sufficient enough for creating a patriotic wreath. After all, love for the nation is forever!

Patriotic Fall Wreath

18. Red Fall Berry Wreath Instruction

Fall Berry Wreath

19. Easy-to-Make Wreath Tutorial

Fall Door Wreath

20. DIY: Fall Grapevine Wreath

There is nothing wrong in adding vine garlands to decorate your wreath for autumn days.

Fall Grapevine Wreath

21. Orange Fall Wreath

Cheap Fall Wreath

22. Make Your Autumn Leafy Wreath

Fall Leaf Wreath

23. Square Fall Wreath

Square wreaths offer a fresh look breaking the monotony of round ones. Go through the tutorial and see if you can make it.

Square Fall Wreath

24. How to Make Your Own Fall Wreath

Small decorative pumpkins and moss make a perfect combination for an amazing wreath like the following one.

How to Make Your Own Fall Wreath

25. Coastal Wreath Tutorial

If you wish to have a different wreath, make one as shown below. It is good to have a nautical essence, especially if you have Mariners at home!

How to Make a Fall Wreath for Front Door

26. Fall Handprint Wreath: DIY

Colorful construction papers cut in the shape of palms make a wonderful wreath for your home. Inspire your kids to make this one on their own.

Fall Handprint Wreath

27. Fall Candle Wreath

Fall Candle Wreath

28. Skeleton Fall Wreath

Easy Fall Wreath

29. Fall Wreath with Magnolia Leaves

Spray paint some magnolia leaves with metallic shades and use them together for a majestic wreath.

Magnolia Fall Wreath

30. Green Fall Wreath Decoration

How to Make Mesh Wreaths for Fall

31. Tutorial for a Colorful Mesh Wreath

A mesh wreath like the following one is a blend of some bright shades that looks good on a white or black door.

Fall Geo Mesh Wreath

32. Fall Wreath with Rustic Metal Leaves

An elegant wreath with metal leaves gives testimony to your subtle choice.

Simple Fall Wreath

33. How to Make a Wreath with Yarn

Evoke your love for craft and have firsthand experience in making a yarn pumpkin fall wreath.

Fall Pumpkin Wreath

34. Autumn Wreath with Plastic Spoons

Making a wreath out of your unused plastic spoons is definitely innovative. Keep it on the door of your kitchen if you wish.

Making a Fall Wreath

35. Fall Wreath with Painted Leaves

Paint, dry, attach and repeat! A nice activity to engross in when you are home alone.

Fall Leaves Wreath

36. Red and Green Fall Wreath

Large Fall Wreath

37. Fall Wreath Tutorial for Kids

Picture of Fall Wreath

38. Make Fall Wreath with Coffee Filters

Fall Coffee Filter Wreath

39. Create a Wreath for Fall

Elegant Fall Wreath

40. Do It Yourself: A Fall Tulle Wreath

If you can no longer wear your tulle skirt, then transform it into a wreath following the instruction given here.

Fall Tulle Wreath

41. Fall Wreath with Felted Balls

How to Make a Door Wreath for Fall

42. Modern Fall Wreath Design

Felting is an art by itself and when it is used for another artistic creation like making a wreath, the entire thing becomes arty without a doubt.

Image of a Modern Fall Wreath

43. Long Wreath for Autumn

Fall Wreath Decorating Idea

44. Fall Ribbon Wreath

Mix and match two or more shades of ribbons for a fantastic wreath like this one.

Fall Ribbon Wreath

45. How to Use Aluminum Cans for Making a Wreath

Cute Beautiful Homemade Fall Wreath

46. Monogrammed Fall Wreath

You may also keep your initials on the wreath or dedicate it by putting the name of your bundle of joy. All you have to do is to go through the instruction in the above link.

Small Monogram Fall Wreath

47. Unique Fall Wreath for Front Door

Unique Fall Wreath for Front Door

48. Simple Instruction for a Wreath

Fall Yarn Wreath

49. Colorful Crochet Wreath

If you know the art of interlocking yarn loops like a pro, then making a crochet wreath is fun for you. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

Fall Harvest Wreath

50. Sunflower Fall Wreath

Homemade Fresh Fall Floral Wreath

51. Decorative Wreath Making Instruction

Handmade Decorative Fall Wreath with Initial

52. DIY Lace Wreath

If you are a novice then try this method reusing your old lace dress and stun your relatives.

Fall Halloween Silk Wreath

53. Fall Wreath Craft Idea for Preschoolers

Fall Wreath Craft Idea for Preschoolers

54. Autumn Owl Wreath

Primitive Fall Owl Wreath

With such a wide range of tutorials, you are sure to make some wonderful wreaths. If possible, make more than one, each with a different design and get amazed at your own craftsmanship.

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