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41+ DIYs to Make Angel Christmas Ornaments

Decking a tree with colorful ornaments, candies, and bells is a yearly activity we all love to do during Christmas. Adding a touch of tranquility and mystic are angel ornaments that can be made with tons of scrap materials such as worn out fabric pieces, driftwoods, egg cartons, or bottle caps. Here are some creative ways that you can learn to beautify your decor.

Angel Christmas Ornaments DIY

1. DIY Cotton Pad Angel Ornaments

As per the instructions, given in the tutorial, the cotton pads have to be folded exactly to make the angel-shaped ornaments.

Angel Ornaments

2. Easy Paper Angel Ornaments

This one is more of a paper cut-out with the help of a cereal box cardboard that the kids would love to make during their holidays.

Angel Ornaments to Make

3. Tampon Angel Ornament

An expression of love and celebration, the angel ornament would make a fabulous gift for weddings and birthdays.

Angel Christmas Ornament

4. Felt Angel Ornament

Celebrate any special occasion decorating your house with beautiful ornaments to make it look unique.

Guardian Angel Ornament

5. Little Wooden Angel

Paint the ornament in pewter to get a nice glittery effect for the holiday season

Angel Ornament

6. Coffee Filter Angel Ornament

Another interesting coffee filter craft to add an angelic effect to your Christmas tree. You can also hang a bunch of these ornaments outside your door.

Christmas Angel Ornament

7. Easy Christmas Glass and Metal Angel Ornament

The small lustrous angel ornament would surely make a sentimental gift for your loved ones.

Glass Angel Ornament

8. Rustic Christmas Angel Pin and Ornament

The perfect decorating theme for the most joyous season of the year is right here. Pretty angel embellishments hanging freely amid the pinecones are something not to be missed.

Personalized Angel Ornament

9. Recycled Angel Ornament

Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

10. Boy and Girl Angel Ornaments for Christmas Tree

With leftover fabrics and felt, your angel ornaments will look flamboyant and ready to hang on the tree.

Button Angel Ornament

Porcelain Angel Ornaments

11. DIY Peg Doll Angel Ornament

Give a new life to dull-colored peg dolls at home with lots of paints, glitter, and ribbons. And of course, the adorable sleepy angels will perk up your decoration.

Angel Ornament Craft

12. How to Make Crystal Clear Beaded Christmas Angel Ornaments

Speaking of a shimmering wedding gift for your friend, you can make it a bit more special with ravishing crystal beads. If you love displaying a birthstone or even your favorite Swarovski crystal, use it for the head.

Crystal Angel Ornament

13. Beaded Angel Ornament Instructions

It’s no secret that we love beads and sparkle so you would have a gala time threading them into lovely festive ornaments.

How to Make Beaded Angel Ornaments

14. Angel Wings Christmas Ornament

Angel Wing Ornament

15. Angel Christmas Tree Ornament to Make

Toilet paper rolls are hardly going to run out of use for craft enthusiasts. Don’t you think the creation is extraordinary?

Angel Ornament Favor

16. Wire Angel Ornament Directions

Give the traditional white ornaments a break and bring in some wire strands and a pair of pliers to create something unique for the big day.

Wire Angel Ornament

17. Serenity Angel Ornament

Macaroni in different shapes can do complete justice to your tree ornament making project. In fact, at the first look, no one would believe it made from pasta noodles.

Macaroni Angel Ornament

18. Snow Angel Ornament

Angel Memorial Ornament

19. Seashell Angel Christmas Ornament

Forget paper and fabric for this DIY project. If you have collected lots of shells from your last seaside vacation, here is your inspiration.

Seashell Angel Ornament

20. Handmade Angel Ornament with Feathers

You can translate the page and get detailed instructions about the DIY project.

Faceless Angel Ornament

21. Clay Angel Ornaments

Pottery enthusiasts can make a ditto with white polymer clay. You would know the mechanism of building ceramic models.

Ceramic Angel Christmas Ornaments

22. Small Homemade Angel Ornament

Butterfly Paperclip Angel Ornament

23. Free Crochet Angel Ornament Pattern

An ideal gift for your best friend’s baby shower, the crocheted angel is an overload of sweetness and love.

Crochet Angel Ornament

24. Angel Star Ornament

Gold Angel Ornament

25. Wooden Spoon Angel Christmas Ornament

As visible from the picture, you can arrange all the materials and get along with your kiddos to whip out a cherubic angel.

Wooden Angel Ornament

26. Pet Angel Ornaments

Cat Angel Ornaments

27. How to Make Angel Ornament

Ribbon Angel Ornament

28. Vintage Angel Ornament

Doesn’t it feel nice to have the singing angel trio dangling from the Christmas tree? It also makes an interesting holiday project for your kids.

Lace Angel Ornaments

29. Angel Christmas Ornament to Make

Clothespin Angel Ornament

30. Memory Angel Ornament

As a remembrance, your little ones would cherish these moments for life after they grow up.

Preschool Angel Ornament

31. Precious Moment Angel Ornament

Use artificial flowers to make a lovely dress for your angel ornament. You need a bundle of twines to make the golden braid.

Flower Angel Ornament

32. White Angel Ornaments

Origami Angel Ornaments

33. Primitive Angel Yarn Ornament

Tassel Angel Ornament

34. Native Hand Crafted Christmas Angel

Your painting skills will be of great use to embellish the pinecone ornament. Overall, you are going to fall in love with the resplendent creation.

Pine Cone Angel Ornament

35. How to Make a Hankie Angel Ornament

As a festive decoration, you can vouch for the gorgeous ornament to light up your home.

Handkerchief Angel Ornament

 36. How to Make Wine Cork Angels

This one is another project that throws light on recycling used things at your house. The smiling angels are going to melt your heart.

Cork Angel Ornaments

37. Bulb Angel Ornament

Light Bulb Angel Ornament

38. How to Make Burlap Woodland Angel Ornament

The rustic beauty of burlap is well reflected here as it does not display the conventional look of an angel.

Burlap Angel Ornament

39. Easy Angel Crafts: Tulle Angel

Tulle Angel Ornament

40. Christmas Cotton Angel Instructions

Cotton Ball Angel Ornament

41. How to Make a Paper Plate Angel

A lacy paper doily adds beauty to the paper plate angels. Few strokes of paint do further justice to the ornaments.

Paper Plate Angel Ornaments

So you must have already picked your favorite Christmas ornament for this year. You can add themes like snowman, penguins, and snowflakes to jazz up the decoration.

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