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30 Cute DIY Halloween Wreaths

Halloween is the time for crafting, bingeing, cooking and dressing up. Getting your front door ready is an important part of the celebration. With the commercial Halloween wreaths being pricey, you can make one for yourself at just a fraction of that cost.

DIY Halloween Wreaths Pictures

1. Deco Mesh Wreath Idea for Halloween

The supplies for this lovely wreath include a work wreath form, Halloween colored, metallic deco mesh roll, metallic deco mesh ribbon roll, pipe cleaners, black glitter pumpkin and shimmery floral picks among others.

Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

2. Halloween Wreath DIY

Plastic snakes give an eerie look to this black Halloween wreath. You can purchase them in different sizes and shapes. A grapevine wreath and the snakes are first spray painted in black. The snakes are then secured to the wreath with floral wire.

DIY Halloween Wreath

3. DIY Halloween Wreath Idea

Don’t bouncy eyeballs look cute on a Halloween wreath? A wreath form is wrapped in tulle, a glitter leaf held behind a ball and secured in place with a stick pin. You can arrange the eyeballs in any random order.

Halloween Wreath Idea

4. Handmade Halloween Wreath

This tutorial starts with wrapping Halloween tinsel around a circular wire base. It is followed by attaching Styrofoam balls painted as eyeballs to the wreath, decorating with glitter spiders. You can attach LED lights to make it glow at night.

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

5. Halloween Mesh Wreath Idea

First black deco mesh is wrapped around the wire wreath in a floral pattern, followed by orange deco mesh. Then secure lime green tubing to the wreath with wire sprigs. For the rest, click on the above link. You can use geo mesh instead of deco mesh if you wish.

Halloween Mesh Wreath

More mesh wreaths

6. How to Make a Halloween Door Wreath

Black feather boas and skulls constitute the spook quotient of this wreath. The work wreath was not bought. It was made by gluing two Styrofoam sheets together and cutting out the ring shape.

Halloween Door Wreath

7. DIY Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

This deco mesh wreath looks beautiful decked up with pumpkins and a “Witches on Broomsticks” card. Shimmery floral picks accentuate its looks.

Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

8. Halloween Mesh Wreath Tutorial

This quick and easy wreath uses black, lime and purple deco mesh, lime green deco mesh ribbon, glitter “Happy Halloween” sign in lime green and sequin and glitter spiders.

Halloween Mesh Wreath

9. Halloween Mesh Ribbon Wreath

You can make this wreath in purple and green if you wish or just leave it in a single color. It can be embellished with ghosts, hats and blackbirds for enhancing the spooky appeal.

How to Make a Halloween Wreath with Mesh Ribbon

10. Black Tulle Halloween Wreath

This neat wreath is nothing but an embroidery hoop with black tulle gathered on it. You can decorate it with foam pumpkins, orange bows, etc. You can add fairy lights to turn it into a glowing Halloween tulle wreath.

Halloween Tulle Wreath

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11. Unique Halloween Wreath to Make

The cute monster wreath is made with ping pong balls, fur and stuffing. You would also need hot glue and a paint pen as your supplies.

Halloween Wreath to Make

12. Halloween Witch Mesh Wreath

A wreath like that of the picture below has got all it takes to send a shiver down your spine. It has two witch legs hanging out from it and a hat popping up at the top.

Halloween Witch Wreath

13. Burlap Halloween Wreath

You can never deny the rustic charm of burlap. Arrange it on a wire wreath, add some accent ribbon with spider motifs and a green bow and you are done.

Halloween Burlap Wreath

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14. Spooky Halloween Wreath

A white flower on a black and white feather wreath has an eerie feel you would love to cherish in Halloween. Add to that a faux blackbird and you are ready for the creeps.

Make Your Own Halloween Wreath

15. Halloween Wreath with Yarn

Trick-or-treaters would love to be greeted with a yarn wrapped wreath form decorated with horns and a giant eyeball. The pom poms at the sides add to the beauty.

Halloween Monster Yarn Wreath

16. Halloween Ghost Wreath with Ribbon

Halloween Ribbon Wreath

17. Black Feather Wreath for Halloween

Black Feather Halloween Wreath

18. Halloween Poly Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Halloween Poly Deco Mesh Wreath

19. Fun Halloween Disney Wreath

Halloween Disney Wreath

20. Scary Halloween Grapevine Wreath

Scary Grapevine Halloween Wreath

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21. Creative Halloween Wreath Decorations

Halloween Wreath Decorations

22. Halloween Grapevine Snake Wreath Video

Halloween Grapevine Snake Wreath

23. Delicious Halloween Candy Wreath

Halloween Candy Wreath

More candy wreaths

24. Easy To Make Halloween Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath to Make

25. Easy DIY Halloween Eyeball Wreath

Halloween Eyeball Wreath

26. Creepy Halloween Spider Wreath

Halloween Spider Wreath

27. Halloween Wreath Out Of Fabric

Halloween Fabric Wreath

28. Cool Crochet Halloween Wreath

Crochet Halloween Wreath

29. Skull Halloween Wreath Idea

Halloween Wreaths with Skull

30. Homemade Halloween Front Door Wreath Idea

Halloween Wreath for Front Door

You really don’t have to go by the instructions word by word to make the wreaths. A little bit of imagination could end up in a wreath with a different and original look. We are sure that the images would inspire you to make one on your own during fall.

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