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14 DIYs to Make Grinch Ornaments for Christmas

Grinch, Dr. Seuss’ popular fictional character from the famous kids’ serious How the Grinch Stole Christmas is an immense fascination for many children. This hairy, pear-shaped creature with a snub nose, cat face and a cynical demeanor is represented in shades of avocado green. During the holiday season, particularly Christmas, you could decorate the tree with cute and creative Grinch-themed ornaments. A light bulb is the main item needed to make the ornament which can be either of plastic or even glass. Check out the following tutorials to know more about the same.

DIY Christmas Grinch Ornament Pictures

1. How to Make Pretty Grinch Light bulb Ornaments

The cute pom poms in the bulb and the red heart painted outside makes the ornament appear even more magnificent.

Grinch Ornaments

2. DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament with Glitter

You can add a mixture of red and green glitter to bring in the Christmas feel.

The Grinch Ornament

3. Instructions to Make a Grinch Ornament for Christmas

The eyes and face of Grinch as etched here makes it look immensely realistic.

Grinch Christmas Ornament

4. DIY to Make a Cute Grinch Ornament

The green feathers could even be replaced with a Santa Claus cap.

Grinch Ornament DIY

5. How to Make a Grinch Heart Ornament Set for the Holiday Season

These candy-filled ornaments would be a unique Christmas gift to give your near ones. Add a personalized touch by writing the name of the recipient on the heart.

Grinch Ornament Set

6. Grinch Bath Bomb Ornaments for Christmas

Whether you hang this out-of-the-box ornament on the Christmas tree or if they find a place your bathing tub….it could be another magnificent gift for your kit and kin, when presented in a set in a nicely packed box, with a showy ribbon tied around.

The Grinch Ornament Image

7. Directions to Make a Grinch Christmas Ornament with Pom Pom Trimmings

This tutorial shows how leftovers from previous craftwork could be put to use in the next one. Alongside the pom pom trimmings, or confetti may even be added.

Dr Seuss the Grinch Ornament

8. Glitter Grinch Ornaments Tutorial

Having all of them bundled up on the Christmas tree would simply be unique.

Glitter Grinch Ornament

9. Grinch Heart Christmas Craft Ornaments for Kids

Like the ones shown in the tutorial here where pony beads, feathers and pom poms have been used to fill the bulbs, you could also add variation to the choice of stuffing for your ornament.

Grinch Heart Ornament

10. Grinch Handprint Ornament Instructions

Decorate it with pom poms, buttons, pipe cleaners and candy cane and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Grinch Hand Ornament

Using the printable could make your task easy.

Grinch Ornament Printable

11. Grinch Face Ornament Craft

Grinch Face Ornament

12. How to Make an Easy Grinch-Inspired Christmas Ornament

How to Make Grinch Christmas Ornaments

13. Pretty Mr. Grinch Slime Ornament DIY

The slime encased in the cute plastic hearts would indeed be an innovative idea.

Grinch Homemade Ornaments

The face of Grinch appears more prominent in this template.

Grinch Ornament Template

14. Crochet Grinch-Inspired Christmas Ornament

This could be a little difficult, though if you have a knack for crocheting, doing this would be a cakewalk.  

Crochet Pattern for Grinch Ornament

With so many amazing ideas at hand, you could definitely consider The Grinch Who Stole Christmas as one of the themes for the festive season. Besides an ornament, you may even make a whole lot of other things keeping the Grinch-theme in mind like a wreath as well as a Christmas tree.

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