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5 Driftwood Christmas Tree Tutorials

Driftwood Christmas trees perfectly fit the bill for small apartment dwellers, where a large and real tree would be quite tough to place. Also, these trees make nice gifts to give friends and family as a token of love and warmth for the festive season of Santa Clause.

Driftwood Christmas Tree DIY

1. Driftwood Christmas Tree: DIY

Inserting driftwoods one after another would not take as much time as drilling them, so once you are done with the drilling, it is fun to do the next steps. Hang some colorful balls from the woods if you wish.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

2. How Do You Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

This tree, resembling a mast of a ship, has a nautical charm accentuated by shells at the bottom. The dowel and the ropes draped around it together make a strong base for the driftwoods to stick through.

Driftwood Snow Christmas Tree

3. Wall-Mounted Driftwood Christmas Tree

The hanging Christmas tree, beautified with lights, transforms the ambiance of the room instantly. So, when Christmas is around the corner, save the space on your wall and install one such tree.

Making a Driftwood Christmas Tree

4. Stacking Christmas Tree

Here is another Christmas tree, more rustic and simple in appearance, and it is a craft where you could get the whole family involved.

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

5. Driftwood Christmas Tree Canvas

Attached to a canvas, such unique and modish Christmas tree complements your interior to a mentionable extent.

How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

Recycling driftwoods is a nice way to boost the decoration of your house especially when Santa is Knocking on your door. Add trinkets and satin ribbons to your trees to make them look even more beautiful.

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