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17 Easy Ways to Make a Halloween Piñata

A marvelous piñata stuffed with a lot of colorful paper and goodies is all that you need to gear up your Halloween décor. If the technique of paper mache fascinates you a lot then designing a piñata would be a mere cakewalk. Whether you prefer a pumpkin piñata or a weird looking one, the choice is yours. Let’s walk through these enticing tutorials to have a myriad of piñata making ideas at hand.

How to Make Halloween Pinata

1. Halloween Piñata DIY

This enormous piñata would marvelously grace your spacious garden. To give an authentic pumpkin look opt for a yellow paper with green eyes.

Halloween Pinata

2. How to Make Fun Piñatas for Halloween

A gala unison of Jack Skellington and Jack O Lantern would make your Halloween an exciting one. You can also ask your kids to color Jack Skellington, using the shade of their choice for added fun.

Halloween Pinatas

3. How to Make a Halloween Back Spider Pinata

Besides the spider piñata gracing on the wall, you can also stick cutouts of spider, snake, bats and anything which you find eerie around it to send a chill down everyone’s spine.

Pinata Halloween

4. DIY Idea to Make a Mini Paper Mache Ghost Pinata

While a glance at these mini ghosts may give your little munchkin an eerie feeling, the sight of his favorite candies falling out of it would make him jump in delight. Dressing the ghosts in party hats would give their scary image a humorous touch.

Halloween Pinata Idea

5. How to Make a Frankenstein Pinata for Halloween

The monster Frankie, hanging on your wall creates an incredible awe on Halloween day. You can dim all the lights for a stunning effect.

How to Make a Halloween Pinata

6. Easy Way to Make a Pull String Pinata for Halloween

Your kiddos would excitedly pull at the colorful ribbons to get a glimpse of the goodies awaiting them. The bat symbol on the piñatas makes it look more Halloween-like.

Halloween Pull String Pinata

7.  Large Candy Corn Pinata for Party

Put a whole lot of candy corns inside your candy corn piñata for some added fun. You can decorate the outside with a lot of beads and stones for a gorgeous party decoration.

Halloween Pinata for Parties

8. How to Make a Pumpkin Pinata for Halloween

Allow your kiddo to experiment with the shapes of Mr. Pumpkin’s eyes and nose. Round eyes and square nose would be great.

Pumpkin Pinata

9. Instructions for a Homemade Pumpkin Pinata

If you want to avoid the hassles of a paper mache project, then this would be the easiest way to make a piñata by getting hold of just a few big grocery bags. Apart from the orange color, you can cut strips of black paper for the eyes and nose to give it a typical pumpkin-like look.

Pumpkin Pinata Homemade

10. Stunning White Cat Pinata

This cute cat pinata is completely party-ready with heart-shaped goggles.

Cat Pinata

Cat Pinata

For a Halloween-themed wedding party, you can make a cute cat in black with a pink bow and heart at the center to retain the wedding fervor.

Halloween Wedding Pinata

11. DIY Pirate Skull Pinata for Halloween

The red bandana along with the dark patch on one of the eyes would give the piñata and authentic pirate-like look.

Halloween Pinata DIY

12. Directions to Make a Zombie Pinata for Halloween

Taking a cue from the given tutorial you can make a zombie piñata as shown in the image below. Smear a lot of red paint on its mouth to give it a scary look.

Halloween Pinata Zombie

13. Scary Mini Bat Pinatas for Halloween

The pull string at the back gives kids an easier access to the goodies within. You can even hand over each of these mini bat piñatas as a goodie bag in case you have planned a Halloween-themed birthday party.

Halloween Bat Pinata

14. Tutorial to Make a Giant Hydra Pinata for Halloween

If you are organizing a party on a grand scale, then this giant hydra piñata may hang over a large area stuffed with a lot of gifts to suffice all the guests present.

Giant Halloween Pinata

15. DIY Mini Halloween Ghost Pinata

Following the similar process, you can also make different mini piñatas like pumpkin for which you would need to wrap the toilet roll in orange tissue paper or even spider using black tissue paper.

Halloween Mini Pinata

16. Glow in the Dark Ghost Pinata Tutorial

Halloween Ghost Pinata

17. Homemade Witch Hat Trick or Treat Pull Pinata

If you want to save yourself from being tricked on Halloween night, then hang these mini hats outside your doors so that the little ones would be happy with their treats and leave contentedly.

Halloween Pinata Homemade

The myriad piñata ideas would hopefully make your Halloween a fulfilling one. You can choose to go the easy way by wrapping toilet paper rolls or a paper lantern and attaching a pull string or even try your hands at paper mache. You can make it short and simple by choosing Halloween themed candy for fillers or even opt for toys and other stuff if you are making a large piñata.

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  1. For those who have made these gorgeous mini pinatas, what did you use to secure the sides together? The pinatas are weighted with candy. I m using just the plain old glue sticks and it s kicking my butt. Not to mention I m making at least 50 of them so it s rather frustrating!

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