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19 Ways to Make a Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Who says Christmas cannot be celebrated without the traditional tree? You can stick to a more simple style by making one from a reclaimed pallet and decking it the same way with some modification. Moreover, wooden trees are pet-proof and portable. Here are some ways to build one this holiday season.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Pallet Christmas Tree Idea

Discarded pallets can be given a creative touch by using them to make a sturdy X-mas tree.

Pallet Christmas Tree

2. Pallet Christmas Tree DIY

Have you some plans with family this Thanksgiving to do something interesting? You can get them along and build a unique Christmas tree just before the holidays.

Pallet Christmas Tree Craft

3. Build a Christmas Pallet Tree

A dash of green added to the rustic pallet tree will make it appear in par with the traditional ones.

Christmas Pallet Tree

4. Making a Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Welcome the crisp autumn and frosty winter in a lighter mood by erecting a wood-designed tree in the front of your house.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

5. Make Christmas Tree from Pallet

Christmas Trees Made Out of Pallets

6. Pallet Christmas Tree Out Of Pallets

Pallet Christmas Tree with Shelves

7. How to Make a Christmas Tree Pallet

The pallet tree does not have to be festival specific. It can be simply used as a wall décor to brighten your room.

Christmas Tree Made From Pallets

8. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Project

A ladder X-mas tree decked with ornaments adds a glittery spunk to your festive décor, something that has not been tried before.

Christmas Trees Made from Pallets

9. How to Make a Wooden Christmas Tree

The advantage of having a pallet tree at home gives you the choice of moving it from one place to another for different decorative purposes compared to a bulky traditional tree.

Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree

10. Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial

The trick here is to cover few of the slats of the tree to lend an elegant look. The finishing is done with sticking buttons to the tree in a particular pattern.

How to Make a Pallet Christmas Tree

11. Rustic Wood Stain Christmas Pallet Tree

The twig star added at the top along with the wooden ornaments completes the look of the pallet tree. The burlap skirt laid at the base complements the rustic look of the tree.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

12. Whimsical Pallet Christmas Tree

If you want to begin with a simple pallet project, opt for a Christmas tree that involves no hassle.

Pallet Christmas Tree Plans

13. Pallet Christmas Tree with Instructions

A glowing pallet tree amid the darkness at the eve of Christmas is a sight to watch. If you want the same effect, quickly click on the above link.

Pallet Christmas Tree with Lights

14. Faux Pallet Christmas Tree Pattern

Here, two pallet boards shaped into triangles are painted green and decorated with wooden discs and stars.

Pallet Christmas Tree Pattern

15. How to Make Christmas Tree out of Wood Pallets

How to Make a Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

16. Christmas Pallet Tree: How-To

Surprise your guests with something unique on your Christmas party. Bet they will be astonished by the theme.

Christmas Tree Pallet Projects

17. Fun Pallet Christmas Tree

Green Pallet Christmas Tree

18. Wooden Christmas Tree Card Holder

Nailed to the walls, the pallet slabs decorated with lights, photos, season greetings cards, and ribbons create a divine Christmas tree.

Pallet Christmas Tree Card Holder

19. How to Make a Pallet Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

As the countdown begins to the happiest day of the year, you would love this particular theme for your pallet tree.

Pallet Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

If you are already in the holiday mood, it’s time to add a unique statement accessory to your home. With a cool tree made from pallets, you would be doing something out-of-box this year.

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