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33 Creative and Fun Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter marks the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that preparation starts from Lent. This traditional festival, signifying the victory of life over death, is joyously continued by generations after generations. Indoor and outdoor decorations are must for Easter with a typical usage of Easter eggs, bunnies, wreaths and centerpieces and many more things. As creativity has a lot to do with such stuff, in this article we have put together some conventional yet innovative wreath ideas for you to try at home.

Easter Wreath Pictures

1. How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

You don’t even need a wreath form for this one. Some paper mache eggs and an aluminum wire inserted through them together produce a wonderful wreath. A satin bow enhances the look further. If you don’t have access to this exact color, use any color you are fond of.

Easter Wreath

2. Cool Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

Instead of sporting the same design every year, decorate your wreath in different ways and amaze your family with your creativity. Play with colors and materials as you have countless options regarding this. Just follow the basic concept and invest some of your imaginations.

Easter Wreaths

3. Easter Wreath with Plastic Eggs

A wreath with different shades of pink has a fresh and delicate appearance. Start off with pink paper streamers and seal the deal with some plastic flowers. Take a cue from the tutorial and make a fabulous Easter wreath just like the following one. This will look good on white, blue or any dark background.

Easter Egg Wreath

4. Easter Wreath with Deco Mesh

A mesh covered wreath and some adorable happy bunny figures make an ideal decorative item for your front door, especially with a “welcome” board on top of it.

Easter Wreath with Deco Mesh

5. Easter Door Wreath Instruction

It is a combination of some colorful glossy eggs and a ribbon to hang it with. Some shredded pieces of cellophane paper may be used. One thing you must be careful about is the usage of the hot glue.

Easter Door Wreath

6. DIY Easter Yarn Wreath

This tutorial is surely fun as making the yarn eggs will take you back to your childhood days. It could be yarn threads or parachute threads, whichever you are comfortable to work with.

How to Make an Easter Wreath

7. Easter Wreath Making Tutorial

A layer of batting over a wire wreath form adds volume, making it bulkier. The surface becomes wider and capable of holding more eggs than it originally is. Tie a cute bow with a polka dotted ribbon to accentuate the sweetness.

Easter Wreath Idea

8. Easter Wreaths with Peeps

Where there is a will, there is a way! Peep bunnies and paper shreds, just get hold of these and turn them into a part of a beautiful Easter wreath, following the instruction.

Easter Wreaths for Front Door

9. Create an Easter Wreath with Mesh and Ribbons

Easter Mesh Wreath

10. Homemade Colorful Easter Wreath

Easter wreaths are not all about dipping and dyeing. You can cover plastic eggs with colored crepe paper for a lovely rainbow effect.

DIY Easter Wreath

11. Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

Four wreath forms and some flowers will suffice the need of making a bunny wreath. It is vintage with a raw and rustic appeal.

Easter Bunny Wreath

12. Easter Wreath for Outdoor

The addition of Easter grass adds a free-spirited touch to this otherwise simple wreath. If you are lucky enough to own a garden, then keep this one for the fence.

DIY Colorful Easter Wreath

13. Peppy Easter Wreath for Kids

How to Make a Cute Easter Wreath

14. Easter Wreath with Mesh and Burlap

A pair of cute eyes peeping through a wreath is the most amazing thing you can choose for your Easter decoration. Burlap and mesh lend a ruffled look so you may coordinate their shades and sizes together.  You may add some flowers for an authentic Victorian wreath.

Deco Mesh and Burlap Easter Wreath

15. Easter Wreath Craft

How to Make a colorful Easter Wreath

16. Easter Wreath with Golden Leafy Designed Eggs

Itsy bitsy golden patterns on eggs achieved by Mod Podge and golden sheets give a bright vibe to your décor. Make a large wreath with such eggs and hang it on your main door.

Picture of an Easter Wreath

17. Easter Spring Wreath

Such a lovely item that you may use during spring! Try pastel shades of yarns for a pretty appearance. The plastic carrots attached to the wreath make it even more appealing.

Easter Yarn Wreath

18. Easter Wreath with Eggs and Spanish Moss

Colorful eggs beautifully nestled in Spanish moss makes a cozy wreath. You are sure to love it, even more, when you realize it takes hardly half an hour to be done. For making a bigger wreath, you may make double rows following the tutorial.

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

19. Happy Easter Wreath with Burlap

Burlap weaving is a good way to have a fluffy wreath with a happy bunny welcoming the Easter. Use floral wire to make sure that the weaving doesn’t come off. In case you don’t have a floral wire, just use a piece of jute twine.

Burlap Easter Wreath

20. Easter Wreath with Floral Decorations

A cluster of flowers adds a charm to this otherwise simple burlap wreath. Be creative and decorate it with some bunny tail picks and Easter picks. Maintain a color contrast with the burlap for a vivacious appearance.

Easter Wreath Tutorial

21. Easter Wreath with a Bow

Easter Ribbon Wreath

22. Easter Wreath Hanger

A metal hoop and some eggs around it are what the following wreath is all about. Moreover, it is simple and quick to make.

How to Make Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

23. Easter Wreath with Aluminum Cans

Teach your kids the value of things and how to recycle them. Making a wreath with some aluminum cans could be the beginning for both of you. Just be careful while embossing the cans as your little ones might not be able to do it all by themselves.

Easter Wreath Craft

24. Easter Wrath with a Cross

For a religious purpose, make a medium sized cross as instructed and put it together with a wreath. The pattern and design of the wreath depend on you. It could be round, oval or square.

How to Make an Easter Wreath with a Cross

25. Floral Easter Wreath

Homemade Easter Wreath

26. How to Make an Easter Bunny Wreath

Fabric scraps and some templates are required for making a fluffy and cushion like wreath. Keep your bunny amidst some carrots so that it stays happy! The wreath looks equally good with or without the outer ruffle.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Door Wreath

27. Grapevine Easter Wreath

Easy Easter Wreath to Make

28. Easter Wreath Made with Tulle

It could be your old tulle skirts or a tutu dress of your princess, utilize that in a creative way like this. Go through the easy tutorial and become a pro at creating this.

Tulle Easter Wreath

29. Crochet Easter Wreath

A knitted bunny, rainbow, birds, and flowers sewn on a crochet wreath, reflect your jovial spirit in every possible way. Just gather your supplies and start making.

Crochet Easter Wreath

30. Simple and Classy Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Decoration

31. Easter Story Wreath: DIY

Encourage your kid to make a story wreath by putting together the images of eventful episodes of Jesus’ life chronologically, starting from the birth to resurrection. Some verses or scriptures between the images will be good.

Easter Story Wreath

32. Yellow and Blue Origami Easter Wreath

Colorful paper cones assembled in a way that creates a wreath is a unique thing to come across. Use a strong base like cardboard or anything stronger you have within your reach. Color combination entirely depends on you.

Origami Easter Wreath

33. Easter Wreath with a Paper Plate

A paper plate, being the base of the wreath, is light and ideal for kids to make. Use it as a wreath or a centerpiece, anyway your heart wants. The overlapping pattern of eggs along with paper shreds makes it a fun decorative piece.

Easter Wreath with a Paper Plate

So, this year welcome Easter in a creative way as you now have more than thirty tutorials at hands. Some are time-consuming while some are fast options, but they all lend the core essence of Easter without a doubt.

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