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30 Ways to Make Handprint Ornaments

With Christmas round the corner, decorating your home is definitely the topmost on your priority list, and what could be more enticing than small handprint ornaments. Besides decorating your home with these items, they would even serve as small giveaway tokens along with other things for visitors frequenting your home during Christmas. Check out the interesting tutorials given below to make enticing handprint ornaments in the festive season or during any other special occasion.

Handprint Ornament Pictures

1. How to Make a Handprint Ornament

Salt dough,plaster of Paris or modeling clay are the alternative options if you do not desire to use baking powder. A mixture of green and red glitter would make it a perfect Christmas ornament.

Handprint Ornament

2. Homemade Handprint Ornament Using Salt Dough

To capture memories of your LO’s childhood, this is perhaps the best and perfect idea.

Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

3. How to Make Baby Handprint Christmas Ornament

Place ornaments of a handprint snowman, Christmas tree and a reindeer side by side for a total festive appeal.

Baby Handprint Christmas Ornaments

4. DIY to Make Heart Handprint Salt Dough Ornaments for Kids

The red ornaments surrounding it, alongside the red ribbon, gives it a simple yet colorful look.

Handprint Ornament DIY

5. Easy DIY to Make Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Handprint Christmas Ornaments

6. Homemade Santa Handprint Ornament

The white polka dots against the red background makes Mr. Santa’s face look even more amazing.

Santa Handprint Ornaments

7. DIY to Make Baby Handprint Ornament

There is no better way to recycle your embroidery hoop than to use it as a mode of preserving your little one’s handprint and decorating it as a keepsake ornament to cherish forever.

How to Make a Baby Handprint Ornament

8. How to Make Homemade Handprint Ornaments

Homemade Handprint Ornaments

9. DIY to Make Handprint Snowman Ornaments

To give your little one the credit of his art, inscribe his name in prominent letters below.

How to Make Handprint Snowman Ornaments

10. Handprint Rudolph the Reindeer Craft Idea for Christmas

To recreate the old Christmas fable, you could also design Santa and stick it near the reindeer to give the impression that the latter is pulling Father Christmas’sleigh.

Reindeer Handprint Ornament

11. Interesting Ideas to Make Handprint Ornament for Christmas

Handprint Ornament Ideas

12. Tutorial to Make Christmas Ornaments with Handprint and Footprint

These cute Christmas crafts made with hand and foot prints could be used as great give away gifts. You could even add a personalized message beside the name.

Handprint Footprint Christmas Ornaments

13. Directions to Make Santa Claus Ornament with Handprint of a Newborn

Instead of applying paint on your newborn’s hand, it would be better to trace out his or her handprints.

Newborn Handprint Ornament

14. Handprint Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Salt Dough Ornament DIY

Following the same instructions you could also design an ornament modeled on any of the Disney princesses for your little girl.

Ninja Turtle Handprint Ornament

15. DIY Plaster of Paris Handprint Ornament

Plaster Handprint Ornament

16. Baby Handprint Wall Ornament with Clay

You can also give these as baby shower gifts by smearing your own kids’ hand prints on it in blue or pink paint and writing a cute message for the expectant mother.

Baby Handprint Clay Ornament

17. Handprint Ornament for Baby as Keep sake

Do not forget to mention the date, so that while reminiscing the past you can get a record of when this cute ornament was made.

Handprint Ornament for Baby a Holiday Keepsake

18. Mittens Handprint Ornaments DIY

 Wrap the mitten in a showy ribbon for gifting it to your kids’ grandpa or grand mom on their behalf.

Mitten Handprint Ornament

19. Penguin Handprint Ornament DIY

Penguin Handprint Ornament

20. Christmas Handprint Ornaments with Snowman and Snowflakes

Instead of just drawing a snowflake on the Christmas ornament you could also make your kiddo give his or her handprint on a cardboard stock and shape it in the form of a snowflake.

Snowflake Handprint Ornament

21. DIY Toddler Handprint Ornaments for Christmas

Toddler Handprint Christmas Ornament

22. Directions to Make a Glass Christmas Handprint Ornament

You could also overlap one finger print on to the other for a unique effect.

Handprint Glass Ornament

23. DIY Cardinal Handprint Ornament

The handprints could be taken on a paper in such a way that it resembles the body of a bird. Paste black paper for the beak and make a tail, also draw a branch for your birdie to sit on.

Cardinal Handprint Ornament

24. Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments for Preschoolers

These decorative ornaments would indeed be a great activity you can do with preschoolers. They would be interested in putting down their handprints as well as adding the embellishments.

Handprint Ornaments for Preschoolers

25. Felt Reindeer Ornaments for Christmas DIY

You can simply adorn them as ornaments or even turn them into Christmas cards.

Felt Reindeer Handprint Ornament

26. DIY Snowman Family Handprint Ornament

If you have more members in your family then a bigger ornament ball would be suited where many snowmen could be drawn, depicting each one of you.

Handprint Snowman Ornament

27. How to Make Handprint Ornaments with Apple Cinnamon Dough

With applesauce and cinnamon, these aromatic handprints could be made for Christmas.Follow the dough making process from the tutorial in the link, and then you would need to put your kid’s handprint on it, let it dry and finally put it up with a showy ribbon as the one shown in the image below.

Cinnamon Applesauce Handprint Ornaments

28. Glitter Sparkly Clay Handprint Ornaments DIY

Glitter Handprint Ornaments

29. How to Make Angel Handprint Ornament

This angel ornament would serve as a perfect tree topper.

Angel Handprint Ornament

30. How to Make Your Own Handprint Ornament for Christmas

Make Your Own Handprint Ornaments at Home 

Though most of the tutorials given above are for Christmas, you could make such awesome handprint ornaments for any occasion like Thanksgiving, and Halloween.Besides following the process of making a dough of clay, play dough , polymer or anything else, you could even go for simple ones using cardboard stock.

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