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24+ DIYs on How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are an integral part of Xmas celebrations. A craft supply as simple as paper can be used to make them in various sizes and shapes. You can use the traditional green, red and brown colors of paper for constructing them or just leave them plain white.

DIY Paper Christmas Tree Pictures

1. Crepe Paper Christmas Tree

The cone for this Christmas tree is made of cardstock. They are later covered by fringes of tissue paper or crepe paper. It would look dainty as a centerpiece.

Paper Christmas Tree

2. DIY Large Christmas Tree With Paper

This project involves rolling up green construction paper and sticking them to a cardboard wrapping paper tube. The ombre effect can be achieved by using different shades of green.

How to Make Christmas Tree With Paper

3. Christmas Tree Made Out Of Construction Paper

This one is made from construction paper and neatly covered in lace for a classy look. It gives the effect of a snow-covered tree.

Construction Paper Christmas Tree

4. Christmas Tree Out Of Paper Plates

A paper plate is painted green, curved into a conical shape, a pipe cleaner star inserted at its top and decorated beautifully for this fun Christmas tree.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

5. Small Handmade Christmas Tree With Paper

This tutorial comes with printables for you to cut out the Christmas tree form. The templates have a dotted line in the centers that act as guides for folding and gluing up the tree.

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

6. Big Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial

The bases of these large Christmas trees are made of giant, thick pieces of cardboard. You need to cut them into triangles and make them into a cone shape. The colorful leaves are cut from cardstock and glued in an overlapping manner on the base.

How to Make Big Paper Christmas Trees

7. Paper Chain Christmas Tree Directions

Paper towel tubes when cut into 1-inch ring shapes give the effect of a chain form of Christmas tree. After the rings have been glued together, they can be painted green and decorated with sequins, pom poms, etc.

Paper Chain Christmas Tree

8. 3d Christmas Tree Of Paper

The supplies for this project include scrap paper in a size that you want your tree to be, colored card of the same size, scissors, pencil and ruler.

3D Paper Christmas Tree

9. Christmas Tree Paper Template Pattern

For this project, you need to fold a construction paper in half, trace the template and cut out along the lines. Just open up the structure and you have a fine flat Christmas tree that you can stick to a wall, door or a greetings card.

Paper Christmas Tree Pattern

10. Making Paper Christmas Trees

A paper snowflake pattern has been used in creating these lovely white trees. You can freely download and print out the snowflake template given in the above-linked tutorial.

Paper Christmas Trees

11. Christmas Tree Made At Home With Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

12. Homemade 3D Paper Mache Cone Christmas Trees

Paper Mache Christmas Tree

13. Christmas Tree Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper tubes can be stacked in rows, decreasing in number towards the top to make a lovely Christmas tree. It also provides an excellent way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

14. Christmas Trees with Paper Cut Strips

Paper Cut Christmas Trees

15. 3D Model Christmas Tree Using Paper

Paper Christmas Tree Idea

16. Christmas Tree Out Of Rolled Wrapping Paper

There are many among us who like to stock up wrapping paper received as gift coverings. They don’t want to throw the beautiful patterned paper away. You would be glad to know that they can be reused by way of making Christmas trees.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Craft

You can also glue a few paper cups, one on top of the other with their bases facing up, paint and decorate them with ornaments for a chirpy Christmas tree.

Paper Cup Christmas Trees

You can also make Christmas trees from books (bookworms would love the idea) and craft them out of cardboard if you want.

17. Easy Paper Spiral Christmas Tree Instructions

Easy Paper Spiral Christmas Tree

18. Cupcake Paper Christmas Tree Idea For Kids

Cupcake Paper Christmas Tree

19. How to Make a Paper Rosette Christmas Tree

Paper Rosette Christmas Tree

20. Christmas Tree in Butcher Paper

Scroll down the above-linked post to the ‘Butcher paper Christmas tree activity’. You can decorate it with photos for a personalized look.

Butcher Paper Christmas Tree

21. Unique Paper Towel Roll Christmas Tree

Paper Towel Roll Christmas Tree

22. Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Video

Paper Quilling Christmas Tree

23. Mini Paper Xmas Trees

Paper Xmas Trees

24. Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Cone Christmas Trees

As is evident from the above tutorials, you can use a variety of paper such as toilet paper rolls, construction, scrapbook and craft paper for them. Even if you have plain paper at your disposal, you can make them lively by painting them in the colors of the season.

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